BBB24: Davi Brito surpasses Wanessa Camargo and reaches 5 million followers on Instagram

Davi Brito at BBB24
Davi Brito at BBB24 – Photo: Globo

FAVORITE! the brother David Brito once again surpassed another Box in the BBB24 and reached the incredible milestone of 5 million followers on Instagram. The artist had already surpassed the singer Rodriguinho and now passed Wanessa Camargo.

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According to data from the digital platform, Wanessa Camargo still has 4 million 500 thousand followers, while this morning of Tuesday, February 13th, Davi reached the mark of 5 million followers on Instagram alone.

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In fact, your team has already made a point of celebrating the new milestone reached. “Attention, Calabrians/passengers, we are ecstatic about our boy’s growth. WE HAVE 5 MILLION followers here on Instagram. Davi has captivated the hearts of more people with each passing day“, they published.

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And they added: “We thank everyone who has been here since the beginning and those new. Welcome and we hope that every day our brother grows even more“, they highlighted.

See the post below:

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It is worth remembering that Davi is in yet another Paredão and in his speech to stay in the game, he emphasized: “I came here to make mistakes and learn from my mistakes. I’m a very true boy and I ask for help from the Northeast“, he stressed, gaining the support of internet users and celebrities to continue the fight and win the prize of R$3 million in the game’s final.

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Daviiiii hang in there to win this prize that we are all waiting for you to celebrate!!!!“, commented Gio Ewbank. “Fly, there’s no brake“, wrote Tony Tornado. “Unfortunately it was Marcus“, said Márcia Fellipe. “My son, we elected the current president, do you really think we won’t make you CHAMPION?!!! THE NORTHEAST IS WITH YOU!!!“, commented another follower.

Check out the brother’s speech below:

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