BBB24: Isabelle talks to Davi: “I have to stop creating expectations”

BBB24 - Isabelle
BBB24 – Isabelle (Reproduction/Globo)

In conversation with Davi, Isabelle spoke about living in the house: “Today, Wanessa didn’t even talk to me“, says the manauara to her brother. remembering that Davi and Isabelle together with Marcus are at Paredão do BBB24.

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I get sad sometimes because I see that people don’t talk to each other much here. Tomorrow is Paredão day and people aren’t talking. This is really crazy, I have to stop creating expectations in colleagues that aren’t real here, don’t exist“, says the sister. “There are very few, you can count on your fingers. I told you from the beginning of the game“, replies David.

I also already knew that we couldn’t be twins here, but we end up creating affection. Because there are people who come to you with affection and if you don’t reciprocate, you are fake. This is so crazy”, says Isabelle. “But you’re okay, right?“, asks David. The sister says that “Yes“.

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Isabelle targets Lucas

Earlier, in conversation with Ráculo, Isabelle revealed that Lucas Henrique is in her sights. In Paredão’s last formation, she was nominated by Leader Lucas Henrique during a week’s dynamic.

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Now, coming back from Paredão, I place the Buddha [Lucas Henrique] no shame, man. He’s scared to death of going to Paredão“, reveals Isabelle. Raquel agrees: “Dies“.

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