BBB24: Juninho analyzes Davi on the reality show: “He likes to stay in the game by fighting”

Juninho and Davi (TV Globo Reproduction)
Juninho and Davi (TV Globo Reproduction)

This Tuesday, February 6th, in BBB24’s Gnome Room, the brothers were talking about the latest events in the game. After talking about the opponents’ positions in the last Sincerão, an activity that took place last Monday (5), Pitel, Juninho and Fernanda comment on the fight between David It is Michelwhich happened earlier in the house.

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In the conversation, Juninho expressed his opinion about the app driver: “Davi is disturbing him. Davi is trying to get Michel out of his mind. I tell you that Davi thinks ‘Puxadinho’ is weak. He’s provoking them all”he declared, who continued and confirmed what type of participant Davi is, before his own eyes, in BBB24: “David is the type of person who likes to stay in the game by fighting. He believes that, certainly, with controversy, discussion, it makes waves. So, he will pick one that he thinks is weak and attack.”.

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Later, Juninho said that Davi doesn’t have the courage to go head to head with Camarote and pagodeiro Rodriguinho: “He only attacks, in fact, those who he thinks are weak. He doesn’t attack, he doesn’t catch Rodriguinho, he doesn’t come at me. He was there disturbing Michel and everyone saying: ‘Leave it for later’. And he: ‘No, but I have to speak, I have to speak, it’s my way’”.

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BBB24 Wall

It is worth remembering that the next wall was formed last Sunday (4). The brothers who are in the seventh Berlinda are: Alane, Beatrice, Isabelle It is Juninho. The aforementioned participants compete to stay in the most watched house in Brazil after a night full of surprises. The result will be released on Tuesday night, announced by presenter Tadeu Schmidt.

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