BBB24: Rodriguinho breaks up with MC Bin Laden: “you are alone”

Rodriguinho at BBB24
Rodriguinho on BBB24 – Photo: Globo

O BBB24 continues to catch fire and during the early hours of this Monday, February 12th, the singer Rodriguinho talked seriously with MC Bin Laden about the funk player’s situation in the game. According to him, based on what he saw in Paredão’s formation this past Sunday (11), his brother is playing alone.

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During a chat in the BBB24 kitchen, Rodriguinho, Pitel and Fernanda criticized Bin’s stance during the formation of the hot seat. “Today was good. Today separated everything. But today it was a team, it was over, it separated. You’ve seen that it’s a team here and a team there. Let’s defend them and defend those. It was said, it was over, it was declared. You’re the only one who doesn’t have it. You showed there that there is no“, pointed out Rodriguinho. “I’ll play my game“, replied the funk player.

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Then, the pagode singer stated: “I, who didn’t like teams, am on the team. You who liked it are not. Did you see how crazy“, he analyzes. Then he continued and said: “At the beginning, you said ‘you have to have a team’. Now you are alone. And I, who said no, now I am“, highlighted Rodriguinho.

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Faced with the ‘DR’, both ended up breaking the game alliance and now each one will follow what they think should be done throughout the game. Will this breakup be forever? Let’s wait for new chapters of this friendship within the reality show.

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It is worth remembering that, today (12), another ‘Sincerão’ will take place and Davi, Isabelle and Marcus Vinicius will be able to comment on their game rivals, in addition to them, the Leader and Angel of the Week, will also be present in the dynamics.

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