BBB24: See what the Dynamics of the Week will be like

Tadeu (Photo: Globo)

A TV Globo In January, another edition of the Big Brother Brazil and having been on air for over a month, the program has already generated several controversies due to the contradictory attitudes of its participants. Last Thursday, February 8th, the presenter Tadeu Schmidt showed viewers the Dynamics of the Week.

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+ BBB24: Brothers face test of resistance for leadership

On Thursday night Leader Test began and, to the surprise of many, the dynamic is one of resistance. All the brothers play, except the sister Giovanna, who injured his foot during a party. The winner of this test will have the right to veto one person from the next Leader’s Test.

On the night of this Friday, February 9th, the Leader will place four participants in the Aim and only one of them will form the wall. On Saturday, February 10th, there will be another Proof of the Angel, whoever wins the competition will be immune and will have the chance to immunize an ally. Want to know more news about BBB24? Keep an eye on Vip area for more information.

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Dynamics of the Week (Photo: Globo)

More about BBB24

Previously, Yasmin Brunet he shocked his fellow inmates and the public when he confessed that he didn’t know that estaleca was the type of ‘currency’ used in the reality show. During a conversation with Giovanna It is MC Bin Ladenshe shot: “Man, where did all my money go? I don’t understand, I didn’t buy anything”, said the blonde.

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+ Web creates Tadeu Schmidt’s speech for Davi in ​​the BBB24 final: “Come champion, your pepperonis are waiting for you”

Giovanna responded by stating the following: “But you’ve been losing ground, right?” wanted to know. With a surprised expression, Yasmin asked: “Do you lose money?”. Giovanna countered: “Estaleca”, he said. Afterwards, the model had an insight into the subject: “Estaleca is money? That’s a lie, I didn’t know. I swear I didn’t know”he confessed.

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