BBB24: Wanessa Camargo’s cousin comes to the singer’s defense and criticizes gossip pages: ‘They want engagement’

Day Camargo defends Wanessa Camargo – Reproduction/Instagram/TV Globo

Day Camargo, cousin of Wanessa Camargo, used her Stories on Instagram to come out in defense of her sister on “BBB24”. According to Zezé Di Camargo’s niece, many people end up watching the reality show through the perception of gossip pages, jumping to conclusions.

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The singer highlighted that the public may have the wrong view of Wanessa. “The first thing we have to think about is that those who are there living it 24 hours a day feel and see things that people on this side don’t see, like people on this side, which have certain benefits, like knowing the people’s versions and points of view, right?”began.

Afterwards, Day warned that many follow the reality show through gossip pages, which tend to create controversies to generate engagement. “There are also people who watch reality on entertainment pages, some call them gossip pages, but they are pages that post precisely to generate engagement, controversy, and there are people who end up being influenced by these cuts”, highlighted.

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Day Camargo defends his cousin – Reproduction/Instagram

Wanessa Camargo’s cousin talks about the singer’s trauma

Day Camargo continued saying that her cousin carries traumas and fears with her, which ends up making it difficult for her to stay in the most watched house in the country. Furthermore, the singer also argued that her cousin may not be able to “express herself correctly” during the game.

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“What we have to hope for, whoever likes Wanessa, is that her traumas and fears don’t follow her and don’t leave her with fear that prevents her from playing”, he stated, saying that he will continue to support Wanessa. “I hope she takes her mind off things that don’t need as much attention from her and shows how brave she is,” completed.

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