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The latest Hellraiser movie adaptation was phenomenal, and if you’re looking for films with a similar theme, here are some of the best you can watch.
The beloved cult-classic, Hellraiser, received a much-anticipated remake. The original movie was released in 1987, and fans of the film were quick to gear up for the remake announced in 2006, but it failed to come to light until 2022.
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Hellraiser follows the story of those seeking a gift from the Leviathan that rules over hell. In order to be granted this gift, one must solve a cube repeatedly and use the unlocked blade in each solution upon a sacrificial victim. It's a unique twist in the Horror genre, but not one that doesn't have other movies for fans.
Bloody Mary isn't the only Horror icon that can be summoned by saying a name in a mirror multiple times. And the Candyman's story is a tragic one that leads to more death and destruction, all for falling in love with someone. Summoning an entity that will kill and torture those in its path is something Candyman and Hellraiser share.
Candyman follows the urban legend that if you say his name several times in a mirror, a ghost will come and murder you. The folktale stemmed from the murder of an African-American man in the 1800s whose crime was falling in love with a white woman. Each movie follows this folktale down the line as murders crop up in mysterious ways. Candyman (1992), Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, Candyman: Day of the Dead, and Candyman (2021), each movie takes a turn as one person is put at the center of these murders performed by a summoned entity.
Torture is a pleasure to Cenobites, and torture is Jigsaw's way of testing someone in order to rehabilitate them. They both have their own unique ways of working to break someone down to their most vulnerable state.
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Saw has nine titles, but the first three focus on the original Jigsaw putting his victims through the wringer to see if they can survive his tests. Films 4 through 8 follow the storylines of Jigsaw's apprentices and show glimpses into the original killer's mind through his apprentices. However, unlike Original Jigsaw's tests, their games don't always have a solution that allows their victims to survive. The 9th film is an outlier in the series that has a copycat trying to be the next Jigsaw by claiming to be the original.
Normally, a simple game like truth or dare works by people being honest with their peers. The consequences for failing to play fairly are typically some hurt feelings and a bit of light hazing. That isn't the case in the 2018 movie with the same name as the party game.
A group of college students takes a trip to Mexico, where a game of truth or dare in a church has some supernatural consequences. Upon returning home from Spring Break, the students begin seeing hallucinations where they are compelled to play Truth or Dare, and the results of some of their choices have lasting implications.
Coming to the box office around the same time doesn't always mean a movie is a good pairing with another. Well, that isn't the case here. The Evil Dead franchise is a great watch for those that are fans of the Hellraiser Series. It's a little more lighthearted for a horror film, but there's plenty of gore and demonology mixed in.
The original trilogy started with The Evil Dead, then Evil Dead II, and concluded with Army of Darkness. This series followed Ash as he fought off legions of demonic beings called Deadites summoned to the human world. The last movie in the franchise will be Evil Dead Rise set to release in 2023.
Psychological horror is a big theme when it comes to Hellraiser. Death and blaming yourself for things that someone else did are also big themes within the plot line, so that leads to the natural conclusion that Nightbreed is another must-watch movie for Hellraiser fans.
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You watch a psychological patient named Aaron getting slowly destroyed. Guided down this self-destructive path by his doctor, Aaron eventually believes that he is a serial killer. This mental breakdown takes a dark turn in Nightbreed. Monsters hiding in a nearby cemetery take in the man and help him hide from the people he thinks he's harming.
If the latest installment of the Hellraiser franchise is now a permanent part of your collection, check out the rest of the Hellraiser lineup. There's the original 1987 movie to try out, but it's not just the original and the remake; there are several Hellraiser movies for fans to partake in.
In Hellbound: Hellraiser II, the Cenobites are back for Kirtsy despite her being admitted to a hospital for observation following the first movie's events. Next on the list is Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. It picks up where the second film left off and follows the infamous Pinhead as he works to resurrect himself while fighting against what good remains in spiritual form. Hellraiser: Bloodline keeps the franchise going as the next installment. This was the franchise's last theater release for some time, and it told how the Lament Configuration came to be and how Pinhead remains the last of the Cenobites.
After leaving the big screen, the Hellraiser series continues. From 2000 until 2018, several other Hellraiser movies were made, but they were all released as Direct-to-video or streaming services. There were five movies made during this era in the Hellraiser franchise:
Grab any one of these titles for your next movie night if the latest Hellraiser adaptation kept your eyes glued to the screen.
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