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Thanks so much for voting in our 2022 Best Restaurants Readers’ Poll! Our Readers’ Poll launched in January as a way for readers to weigh in on their favorite people and places in the local dining scene. Now, the results are in!
Browse the top picks in the list below, and be sure to check out our editorial “50 Best Restaurants” winners from the March 2022 issue, here.
Winner: Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant 
Runners-Up: Nailah’s Kitchen; Tabor Ethiopian Restaurant
Winner: Miss Shirley’s Cafe 
Gunther & Co.; Sally O’s
Winners: Cured | 18th and 21st and Gunther & Co. (tie)
One Eleven Main; The Bluebird Cocktail Room
Winner: Francisco (Taco Love Grill) 
Runners-Up: Ricky Kingsley (Frazier’s); Oskr Hernández (Mucho Gusto)
Winner: By The Docks Seafood
Runners-Up: Conrad’s Seafood Restaurant; Cured | 18th & 21st
Winner: Fuzzies Burgers
Runners-Up: Clark Burger; Vagabond Sandwich Co.
Winner: EC Diner
Runners-Up: Blue Moon Cafe; Silver Queen Cafe
Winner: Zack Trabbold (The Local)  
Runners-Up: Zuri Coles (Miss Shirley’s Cafe); Cindy Wolf (Charleston)
Winner: True Chesapeake Oyster Co.
Runners-Up: Jimmy’s Famous Seafood; Gertrude’s Chesapeake Kitchen
Winner: NiHao
Runners-Up: Joey Chiu’s; Chopstix Gourmet
Winner: The Bluebird Cocktail Room 
Runners-Up: Dutch Courage; Clavel
Winner: By the Docks Seafood Restaurant
Runners-Up: Pappas Restaurant & Sports Bar; Koco’s Pub
Winner: Ekiben
Runners-Up: Mission BBQ; Clavel
Winner: Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop
Runners-Up: Dangerously Delicious Pies; Cafe Dear Leon
Winner: DiPasquale’s Italian Market
Runners-Up: Ekiben; Atwater’s
Winner: Bmore Greek Grill 
Runners-Up: Love.Crust.Pizza; La Migueleña
Winner: Petit Louis Bistro
Runners-Up: Duck Duck Goose; Tersiguel’s French Country Restaurant
Winner: Ekiben and Verde (tie)
Runners-Up: Harmony Bakery; Alma Cocina Latina
Winner: Peerce’s Plantation
Runner-Ups: The Ambassador Dining Room; Royal Taj
WinnerJimmy’s Famous Seafood
Runners-Up: Atlas Restaurant Group; Ekiben
Winner: La Scala Ristorante Italiano
Runners-Up: Di Pasquale’s; Tagliata, Cinghiale, and Libertore’s (three-way tie)
Winner: Azumi
Runners-Up: Yama Sushi Bar; Shoyou Sushi
Winner: Honey Pig
Runners-Up: Jong Kak; Iron Age
Winner: Atwater’s
Runners-Up: Chuck’s Trading Post; Ravage Deli
Winner: Samos
Runners-Up: Ouzo Bay; Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen
Winner: Taco Love Grill 
Runners-Up: Clavel; Mucho Gusto
Winner: The Helmand
Runners-Up: Cazbar; House of Kebab
Winner: The Local
Runners-Up: JBGB’s; Heritage Smokehouse
Winner: Coal Fire Pizza
Runners-Up: Pizza Johns; Matthew’s Pizza
Winner: Petit Louis Bistro 
Runners-Up: Cinghiale; Maggie’s Farm
Winner: Thames Street Oyster House
Runner-Up: Dylan’s Oyster Cellar; True Chesapeake Oyster Co.
Winner: The Milton Inn
Runner-Up: EC Diner; Cardinal Tavern
Winner: Gunther & Co.
Runner-Up: Charleston; One Eleven Main
Winner: Conrad’s Seafood Restaurant
Runner-Up: Thames Street Oyster House; Nick’s Fish House
Winner: Chrissy Glass (One Eleven Main)
Runner-Up: Amanda Wiley (Fallston Barrel House); Kelly Cranston (Magerk’s Bel Air)
Winner: Alma Cocina Latina 
Runners-Up: La Barrita; Puerto 511
Winner: The Prime Rib
Runners-Up: The Capital Grille; Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Winner: Bodhi Corner
Runners-Up: Spice and Dice Thai Kitchen; Mayuree Thai Tavern
Winner: The Land of Kush
Runners-Up: Farm to Face; Great Sage
Winner: Golden West Cafe 
Runners-Up: Johnny Rad’s; One World Cafe
Winner: Iron Bridge Wine Company 
Runners-Up: Charleston; 13.5% Wine Bar


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