Betty Faria speaks out after controversial statement involving ‘Bolsa Família’: “With humility and sincerity”

Betty Faria (Image reproduction: Canal VincenTV)
Betty Faria (Image reproduction: Canal VincenTV)

This Monday, December 11th, Betty Faria, 81 years old, actress and businesswoman, used her social networks to apologize for her statement about robberies by criminals in trawlers in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. The celebrity had commented on the call, through a tweet, from the newspaper O Globo which reported robberies committed by the same group that allegedly attacked businessmen with punches and kicks in Copacabana. According to the teledramaturgy professional in the first post, they “are the children of Bolsa Família, who did not use birth control”.

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Therefore, after the repercussion, Betty issued an apology on her Instagram: “Dear friends and followers, today, with humility and sincerity, I come to you to express my apology. Recently, in a moment of deep sadness and outrage at the violence that we, residents of Rio de Janeiro, have faced, I made a comment that, I now recognize, was insensitive and inappropriate. I understand that words have power and can affect people, and I deeply regret any pain my words may have caused.”began the actress.

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Ahead, the celebrity spoke about her values ​​and commitment to the truth: “Those of you who follow me know about my trajectory and the values ​​I have always defended. My commitment to truth, justice and the well-being of our community has always guided my work and public life. This mistake does not reflect who I am or what I believe.”she expressed to her thousands of followers.

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Betty continued: “I reaffirm my commitment to using my voice and influence to contribute positively to our society and I ask you to consider my long journey and the actions I have taken over the years for the benefit of our country”declared the famous.

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At the end, the artist made an appeal to her admirers: “I count on your understanding and support to overcome this moment together. Let’s continue working together for a better and safer Brazil for everyone. A warm hug and a good day to each of you”concluded Betty Faria.

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Betty's statement would be made on Instagram (Reproduction: Instagram)
Betty’s statement would be made on Instagram (Reproduction: Instagram)
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Betty Faria’s speech that generated controversy (Reproduction: Twitter)

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