Biden pressures Republicans to approve $61 billion in aid for Ukraine: “We can’t let Putin win”


Congress has been discussing the appropriateness of approving more military aid for months and many question whether the United States continues to finance a war to which it has already allocated $75 billion.

Biden in his appearance on Ukraine.
Biden in his appearance on Ukraine.MANDEL NGANAFP
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US President Joe Biden has urged Congress to approve new funds for Ukraine, and has warned that If Russian leader Vladimir Putin wins the war, “he won’t stop”. “We cannot let Putin win,” Biden said on the same day that the Senate, with a Democratic majority, puts to a vote a budget package of about $105 billion that includes more than 61 billion in military aid for Ukrainians.

In addition, he has announced a new aid package for Ukraine of 175 million dollars of the funds already approved. Includes ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

Congress has been discussing for months the appropriateness of approving more military aid for Ukraine and many republicans question that the United States must continue financing a war that has already allocated more than 75,000 million dollars.

The president of the House of Representatives, the Republican Mike Johnsonsent a letter to the White House on Tuesday warning that without promoting profound reforms to regulate immigrationyour group will not support funds for Ukraine.

“I am willing to make important concessions on the border. We need to fix the border system. It does not work. And so far I have not gotten a response,” Biden said in an appearance before the press at the White House.

No money at the end of the year

The White House warned this Monday that at the end of the year the US Government will not have money to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia and will be left without resources to acquire more weapons and equipment for kyiv.

In mid-November, the Defense Department of the US had already used 97% of the $62.3 billion in supplemental financing that he had received and the Department of State had used the 4.7 billion dollars of military assistance financing that he had assigned.

But as Biden insisted, more money is needed and Republicans are committing that aid in exchange for immigration reforms. “Let me be clear. We need real solutions. I put a comprehensive plan on the table on my first day in office. I made it clear that we need Congress to make changes“added the president, who has stressed that he is willing to do “much more” in this regard.

Biden said he was prepared to address even “a change in policy” and stressed that he has asked funding for more border agents and judges and that it is the Republicans who must decide if they really want a solution on the border with Mexico.

Hours before the Senate votes on the new package, Biden has warned that Republicans are eager to give Putin “the greatest gift he could wish for”: for the United States to abandon its global leadership.

We have all seen the brutality has caused in Ukraine, invading another country, trying to subjugate its neighbors to its iron fist, committing atrocities against Ukrainian civilians, trying to plunge them into the cold and darkness of winter by bombing their electrical grid,” he lamented.

The White House warned this week that the United States is running out of time and money to help Ukraine repel the Russian invasion.

Weapons and data

On the other hand, representatives of the governments of the United States and Ukraine have signed an agreement to accelerate weapons co-production and data exchange at a conference held on Wednesday in Washington.

The letter of intent was signed at a meeting of industry and government representatives from the United States and Ukraine, and will “prioritize co-production and sharing of technical data to address urgent operational needs of the ukrainian armed forces“stated Jason Israel, Director of Defense Policy and Strategy at the White House National Security Council, before an audience of more than 200 people meeting in the auditorium of the Department of Commerce.

Previously, the president of Ukraine, Volodmir Zelensky, canceled at the last minute a speech he had planned to deliver behind closed doors before the United States Senate. His speech had been organized by the White House to promote the aid package.

The idea was that the Ukrainian president could convince Republican senators who resist approving the economic package because they do not share the priorities of the White House.

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