Big Brother 2023: what time does it start TODAY and what is the prize

Big Brother 2023 starts today, Monday, December 11 at 21:45 and can be seen live on Telefe. All the information of what time does it start Big Brother 2023, how to watch the premiere live, how many participants there will be and what the prize is.

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Big Brother 2023: what will be the prize at GH 2023

  • Gastón Trezeguet revealed that this Big Brother will have a prize of 50 million pesos.
  • “This Big Brother It is played for 50 million pesos,” commented Trezeguet in Telefe.

Photo: Official Big Brother.

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Big Brother: how many participants will there be in GH 2023

  • Big Brother 2023 will have 22 participantstaking into account the information that has been leaked and the previous editions.

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Big Brother: when will the GH 2023 debates be?

  • The debates of Big Brother the days would continue Tuesday and Thursday.

Big Brother: Who would be part of the GH 2023 debates

Sol Pérez, Gastón Trezeguet, Ceferino Reato and two panelists who would rotate would be part of the Big Brother 2023 debates.

What is the prize for Big Brother winners in other countries?

  • In USA, The winner of Big Brother wins a prize 750 thousand dollars.
  • In Brazilthe winner of Big Brother wins a prize of 575 thousand dollars.
  • In Israelthe winner of Big Brother wins a prize of more than 275 thousand dollars.
  • In Australiathe winner of Big Brother wins a prize of more than 165 thousand dollars.
  • In Nigeriathe winner of Big Brother wins a prize of more than 108 thousand dollars.

Big Brother: how to sign up to watch the show live in the GH 2023 studio

  • To watch the program live in the Big Brother 2023 studio (GH 23) in the studio it is necessary complete the form Telefe.
  • If you complete the form and If you don’t attend, you won’t be able to go anymore. to the Big Brother 2023 studio.

Big Brother: who will be the panelists of GH 2023

The squad will continue to be made up of Sol Perez, Gaston Trezeguet, Laura Ubfal and Ceferino Reato. However, they will eventually be joined by other panelists such as Juliet Poggio, Eliana Guercio, Marisa Brel and Pilar Smith.

Also, on Fridays he will return “The Night of the Exes”, program that will lead Roberto Funes and that will have the presence of Walter “Alpha”, Nacho Castañares, Lucila “La Tora” Villar, Ariel Ansaldo, Daniela Celis, Cristian Urrizaga, Gustavo Conti and Ximena Capristo.

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