Big Brother 2023: who is the twelfth eliminated from the reality show

Finally, he arrived at the Big Brother 2023 house on Monday and thus it was known who was eliminated from the four finalists who remained after the pre-gala on Sunday of the XL weekend: Virginia Demo, Martín “el Chino” Ku, Joel Ojeda and Emmanuel Vitch, and the steward was the one who left the house.

This Sunday, Santiago del Moro showed the plaque that had been left after the nominations of the participants, and those that Martín had to make after attending the red telephone: Licha Navarro, Virginia Demo, Martín “el Chino” Ku and Joel Ojeda, Nicolás Grosman, Bautista Mascia and Emmanuel Vitch.

In this way, this Sunday the departure of Romina Uhrig from the house could be seen, after which the host showed the three participants least voted for by the public: Lisandro, Bautista and Nicolás; who were joined this Monday by Martín and Emmanuel.

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This Monday, Snantiago continued encouraging viewers to cast their vote, and said that all votes wereThe participants in these new first galas have already surpassed those of the 2022 edition since “each gala is experienced as a final,” as he said.

Averaging the broadcast of a program that Del Moro described as “five hours long” but it was limited to one hour and twenty-two minutes until the eliminated one was revealed, the driver took out the about what the voting data contained and eliminated Joel Ojeda.

Later, Santiago showed that Virginia got 44.5 percent of the vote against Joel’s 55.5 percent, and announced that this Tuesday the “Frozen” will begin, a true test of temperance for those who are still in the race.

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At what time and on what channels can you see the elimination of Big Brother 2023?

Like every Sunday, except for the novena that will take place this Monday, February 12, the elimination galas begin at 10:30 p.m. and can be seen through the special Direct TV channel and on Telefe live and (channel 12 on Telecentro , channel 1001 on Telecentro HD, channel 10 on Flow, channel 123 on Directv and channel 1123 on Directv HD).

How are the nominees voted to leave the Big Brother 2023 house?

To participate in the vote, you must send an SMS with the word GH to 9009 or through the QR code that appears at different times in Telefe and Direct TV broadcasts.

Who were those eliminated from Big Brother 2023 so far?

The participants eliminated from Big Brother 2023 so far are Hernán “El Negro” Ontivero, Axel Klekaylo, Williams López, Isabel De Negri, Catalina Gorostidi, Carla Destéfano (by abandonment), Florencia Cabrera, Denisse González, Alan Simone, Sabrina Cortez and Joel Ojeda.

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