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Bones and All’s Timothée Chalamet is one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars, and he’s already been in plenty of commercial and critical hits.
From Wakanda Forever to The Fabelmans, November is jam-packed with awesome movies fans can not wait to see. Included in these movies is the romantic-horror movie Bones and All.
One of the film stars is Timotheé Chalamet, who plays a cannibal. The film has already become one of Chalamet's highest-rated films, as the young actor has quickly built up a very impressive filmography. Fans on Letterboxd share this same sentiment as he is regarded as one of the industry's best young talents with a lot of great films.
Hostiles from 2017 has a respectable 3.5 on Letterboxd. Chalamet shares the screen with legends Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, and Jesse Plemons in this project.
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2017 seemed like Chalamet's year, as he had a number of films come out during this time. Letterboxd user truman called 2017 "the year of Timotheé". He definitely blends more into the background in this movie, as the biggest stars have most of the screen time, but Chalamet's portrayal of a reserved army private is extremely convincing and has the viewer wishing he had a larger role.
Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch boasts a 3.8 on Letterboxd, a common rating for Chalamet's films. The classic Anderson-style film sees Chalamet as a student who takes part in a riot.
To no surprise, this film is broken into chapters and has three main stories, with Chalamet being the lead in one of them. Chalamet was great, as usual. Anderson is known to use a lot of the same actors and actresses in his films, so maybe Chalamet will now become a staple in Wes Anderson films moving forward.
Bones and All is Chalamet's newest film, and the early reviews on Letterboxd have it at a 3.8. These are mainly audiences that have seen the film at its premiere at film festivals as it opens in theaters on November 18th.
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This film sees Chalamet back with Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino and the early reviews for this movie are great. The film has a unique story movie buffs probably never have seen before. It is a romantic-horror film that is centered around two cannibals. This is Chalamet's first feature non-animated film since Don't Look Upfrom 2021, so fans have been itching to see him back on the big screen.
Entergalactic, from earlier this year, has a 3.8 on Letterboxd. This film was produced and stars actor-musician Kid Cudi.
Chalamet plays a supporting role in this one as the story follows Cudi's character Jabari as he tries to navigate success and his relationships. This is Chalamet's biggest voice work he has done, and he will definitely get asked to do more in the future based on his performance. This animated romantic comedy has a very similar animation style to Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, so if one enjoys that film, one will probably like this one as well.
Beautiful Boy from 2018 has a 3.8 on Letterboxd. The film was praised for how it accurately captures what addiction can do to a family.
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This film really showed off Chalamet's dramatic chops. His emotional dialogue, mixed with Steve Carrel's great performance, made the audience feel like they were really watching a family cope with an addiction. Letterboxd user Lauren comments on Chalamet's emotional acting as she says, "the devil works hard, but Timothée's tear ducts work harder." There will be no dry eyes in the audience when watching this film, for sure.
A24's Lady Bird has just under a 4 rating as the film sits at a 3.9 on Letterboxd. This was the first time that Chalamet worked with his now-frequent collaborators, Greta Gerwig and Saorise Ronan.
Chalamet had a supporting role in this film, but it did not feel like it. His character of Kyle is so dark and mysterious that he is on the minds of the audience throughout the film. He plays the character so perfectly shady that viewers need to question if they even like him. Chalamet would go on to collaborate with Gerwig on Little Womenand Ronan on Little Women and The French Dispatch.
Call Me By Your Name currently sits at a 3.9 rating on Letterboxd. This film is seriously what put Chalamet's stardom on a new level and earned him respect among his peers.
This love story captivated audiences all around the world. This film might have his most famous scene as Chalamet famously decides to have a little fun with a peach. Not to mention Chalamet's brilliant performance as Elio earned him his first Oscar nomination and will certainly not be his last as he is poised to win one in the future. This was definitely when Chalamet became a household name.
2021's Dune has a rating of 4.0 flat on Letterboxd. Chalamet's Paul Atreides captivated audiences, and they cannot wait for the sequel.
The new Dune film took the world by storm, much to Chalamet's credit. His performance is one of the best in any Denis Villeneuve film. Chalamet has a unique skill that makes the viewer forget they are watching Chalamet, and they just see Paul. Letterboxd user Matt Lynch praised Chalamet and the film's adaption from the novel and called the film a "brutalist spectacle laced with psychedelia, incredibly faithfully adapted" in his four-and-a-half-star review.
The Greta Gerwig 2019 adaption of Little Women sits at a 4.2 on Letterboxd. Chalamet graces the screen among other talented stars like Florence Pugh, Saorise Ronan, and Meryl Streep.
This was Chalamet's first time doing a period piece, and he stepped outside his usual zone and nailed it. Fans loved Chalamet's being picked to take on Laurie as Letterboxd user James Schaffrillas says, "Look all I know is if Timotheé Chalamet asked me to marry him I would not … hesitate." This role proved Chalamet had the necessary range one needs to be a movie star.
Interstellar is the highest-rated film that features Chalamet on Letterboxd. The Christopher Nolan space epic is rated at a 4.2 on the app.
Chalamet's role in this movie is quite small, and he does not have a lot of screen time. He has said it himself that he thought his role was going to be bigger in the movie (via Variety) However, he could credit this part as to why he is so huge now. Every film buff saw this movie, and that is arguably what put Chalamet on the map.
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