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The Spanish Society of Bullfighting Surgery (SECT), which brings together 200 health workers (doctors and nurses) who dedicate part of their time to the infirmaries of the bullrings, organizes this Saturday, the 17th, a festival in the town’s bullring. from Madrid, whose profits will be invested in the training of new members of the bullfighting medical teams.

At half past five in the afternoon Diego Urdiales, El Fandi, Manuel Escribano, Cayetano Paco Ureña, Fortes and the bullfighter Fabio Jiménez will do the parade, which will fight cattle from Fuente Ymbro, Trinidad, Los Chospes, Domecq Núñez, Montealto, Garcigrande and Jandilla.

The ‘entrepreneur’ of the celebration is the retired bullfighter Curro Vázquez, who, like last year, selflessly collaborates with the SECT in the organization of this festival. And the company’s directors collaborate with him, especially the president, Pascual González Masegosa, and Enrique Crespo, general secretary.

The latter remembers that this year’s celebration is the third to be held, and from the first moment with the same objective: the training of new health personnel to provide services in bullfighting celebrations.

Crespo points out that the profit from the show (in 2023 about 4,000 euros were raised in Navalcarnero) will be dedicated to sponsoring a basic course in bullfighting surgery, the creation of scholarships for the university master’s degree in this subject taught at the University of Valencia and for the national bullfighting surgery congress that is organized annually.

The general secretary describes as “worrying” the interest of new graduates in medicine and nursing in bullfighting assistance, and, at the same time, highlights that 90 students attended the training given in 2023. “We would be satisfied if a third of those attending decided to be part of the medical teams that work in the infirmaries.”

“In the last two years, we have seen that the fans have increased,” he adds, “but it is not enough; “We would like there to be more vocation among the new professionals who guarantee health care in the bullrings and at popular celebrations.”

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