Can anyone overcome it? The Guinness record that McLaren has taken from Red Bull in 2023

McLaren has reasons to smile. To be happy. To look optimistically at a future in which who knows if they will return to where they were more than a decade ago. Because it has been a long time, too long, since those of Woking They are not there to compete for a title… but in 2023 some good orange shoots have arrived thanks to a final stretch of the championship where they have been the great opposition of Red Bull.

And not only that, but they have snatched a record from those of energy drinks which seemed to be practically impossible to overcome. One that has to do with speed.

With speed in the pit lane. Because ‘Guinness World Records’ has officially confirmed that the fastest pit stop in history is now owned by McLaren.

All thanks to their brutal work in the Qatar GP, when they launched Lando Norris back onto the track in, mind you, just 1.8 seconds.

Owned by Red Bull for four years

It was enough to beat what Red Bull has had for four years, in a record that has fallen by a couple of thousandths.

It should be noted that McLaren has been one of the teams that has done the best job in this regard, with supersonic stops among which Also notable in Losail is a Piastri that he was barely stopped for two seconds.

Much is expected from McLaren for 2024with an upward trend that who knows if they can continue after at the beginning of 2022 the worst was feared with a team that did not even begin to take off until Austria.

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