Capinha saved an ‘Encontro’ reporter’s cell phone in a live robbery attempt

Ju Massoka told how he stopped a robber from taking his cell phone – Reproduction Instagram

This Friday morning (08), the TV Globo reporter Ju Massaoka suffered an attempted robbery live, when he was talking to Patrícia Poeta during the ‘Encontro’. The assailant, who passed by on a bicycle, narrowly missed taking the journalist’s cell phone.

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Later, Ju Massaoka used social media to give details of the moment. In Instagram stories, she said that her cell phone case prevented the theft. “I was holding this case here. In other words, with this strap I was able to hold and hold the cell phone very firmly in my hand. When the guy pulled, I pulled back and had the cell phone in my hand.“, said the reporter, when showing the cover of the device.

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She also highlighted the work of the security guard, who managed to catch the robber by his shirt. The professional also accompanied the reporting team after the attempted theft. “He saw an attempted robbery and didn’t know if it had been successful or unsuccessful. He went behind the camera, grabbed the assailant by the shirt and cheered. He kept the guy in his hand, but he glanced at me, saw that I was intact and had my cell phone in my hand, looked at the team and saw that everyone was safe, and let the guy go. This is the conduct, because we are not a police officer nor the authority to arrest a person“, explained the journalist.

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She also thanked the security guard for being there. “I thank you very much, because it gave me peace of mind to continue my work. Because, no matter how much I held the cell phone, the security guard was attentive and ready to act if anything else happened“, he added.

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