Carlos Herrera confirms his candidacy to refound the Football Federation “without fuss”


“I hope to live up to it and earn the trust of Spanish football.” With this declaration of intentions, Carlos Herrera confirmed in a video published by MARCA his candidacy for the presidency of the Spanish Football Federation in the elections that will be held, barring any surprise, on May 24.

It was the preamble to an exclusive interview published hours later by the same medium. In it, the well-known communicator responds to Juan Ignacio Gallardo and Vicente Gmez about the program with which he is running for those elections. A project that responds to the purpose of promoting “a regeneration, a refoundation in a simple, honest and no-fuss way.”

“The Federation is a sleepy giant that needs renewal,” says Carlos Herrera, who adds that his desire is none other than “wanting to improve Spanish football.”

Throughout the talk, the journalist outlines some objectives of his program. The first, to place footballers “at the center of Spanish sport” and enhance the value of the teams as a representation of the ‘Spain Brand’.

Carlos Herrera, as he explains, likes the current Super Cup model with four teams but, respecting the contracts, he maintains that it should be held in our country. For the Cup, he proposes the “pure team draw and the field draw, with some compensation” in case of imbalance between the rivals.

The journalist does not avoid some of the most controversial issues of today. He is in favor of give the referees “autonomy in the election of their representatives.”. And the VAR proposes that there should not be active referees but rather others “very qualified who are not active, with great experience” and also “a player”, due to the latter’s knowledge of the game’s events.

“I have support and I aspire to have many more supports,” says Carlos Herrera, who avoids confirming whether he has names that have been related to his candidacy. “If you are in a box at any stadium and you are accompanied by Casillas, Vicente del Bosque, Puyol or Torres, then you have at your side a prestigious brand that gives status to the Spanish brand,” he says without specifying whether they would be part of his team. equipment. He clarifies that he aspires not to have political support.

De Rubiales assures that “his management has chiaroscuros.” He also speaks out on the Negreira case. “Surely Barcelona should not have done what he did. And neither should Negreira,” says Carlos Herrera. Although he anticipates that legal persecution presents a “cyclopean difficulty.”

Carlos Herrera is also asked if it will be possible to make his COPE program compatible with the management of Spanish football. “I’ve been getting up at three-thirty for many years. I’m going to get up at the same time and there’s time for everything,” he concludes.

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