Carlos III suspends his public events: What cancer does he suffer from? Will there be reconciliation with Enrique?


Carlos III will suspend his public events at least until the month of March, while he continues treatment for the cancer diagnosed during his operation for a “benign” enlargement of the prostate. Prince William will meanwhile assume part of his public duties, while Prince Harry traveled to London on a quick trip from California to meet his father for the first time in nine months.

The 75-year-old monarch will “regularly” receive unspecified treatment and he hopes to continue working from his residence in Clarence House and be able to deal with his privy council, although his weekly meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may be temporarily left in the air.

Sunak himself told the BBC that King Charles III’s cancer “has been detected in time”. The ‘premier’ also did not specify what type of ailment the monarch is suffering from, although the Royal Family has initially ruled out that it is prostate cancer.

The news has created a great commotion among the British and has aroused maximum concern for the future of the royal family, after the abdominal operation suffered by Kate Middleton and her withdrawal from public life at least until Easter. Prince William actually temporarily suspended his public events to assist his wife during her recovery, after two weeks spent at The London Clinic (the same private hospital where Charles underwent surgery).

William will reappear on Wednesday at an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle, scheduled before his father’s cancer diagnosis was made public. The prince, 41, will attend a gala to raise funds for air ambulances in London that same day.

Guillermo will have to spend these days with his brother Enrique, with whom he has practically not spoken for months. Carlos personally communicated his diagnosis to his youngest son, 39, who decided to leave the US on the fly and undertake the more than 10-hour trip to London (Meghan and her two children stayed in California).

It is expected that Carlos will also have a personal meeting with Enrique and seek family reconciliation to face the situation created by his diagnosis. Despite maintaining the title of Duke of Sussex, Enrique was suspended three years ago from his royal duties.

The Duke of Sussex He is still, however, technically a “state councilor”. In the event that the monarch had to temporarily resign from his duties due to illness, he could delegate by royal patent to two or more state councilors. In addition to Queen Camilla, the king could appoint the four adults over the age of 21 in the line of succession.

Carlos III hopes, however, that he will also be able to rely on his sister Ana and his little brother, Eduardo, in the coming weeks. Princess Anne, 73, actually tops the popularity ranking and presence at public events of the royal family (457 in 2023) even ahead of the king.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “Several of the king’s upcoming public engagements will have to be rearranged or postponed.” The official statement maintains thatThe monarch faces his treatment with a “completely positive” attitudealthough his former communications secretary Julian Payne warns that he must feel “deeply frustrated” at having to temporarily withdraw.

Robert Hardman, author of “Charles III: New King, New Court”, has even warned in statements to the BBC that Charles’ absence will surely be longer than publicly acknowledged: “I imagine that we probably won’t see him yet on the second Monday of March at Westminster Abbey to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

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