Categorical decision after the discussion between Nancy Pazos and Analía Franchín: “It will not continue”

The discussion of Nancy Pazos and Analía Franchín seen live was tense, but it was mild compared to the scandal that Damian Rojo assures that it was lived during the commercial round, so in Show Partners They gambled on which of the two will leave the program.

One of the two is not going to continue in March“said the journalist.

Then, he clarified what they speculate from Quarzo and Telefe: “They are waiting from production for one of the two to say ‘I won’t continue working under these conditions while the other one is there.’ The production is betting on that to happen.”

In the end, Damián Rojo gave his point of view: “It seems to me that Analía Franchín is the one who is most burdened by continuing in these conditions. These things are no longer going to be banked on, and knowing that Nancy Pazos is not going to change, I think Analía would leave alone.”


However, Nancy Duré He gave a different point of view than Damián Rojo.

“Georgina Barbarossa tried to calm things down and there was no way,” revealed the Socios del Espectáculo panelist.

And he added: “They want to call Nancy (from production) because they don’t want to continue allowing these types of things to continue happening.”

“It seems to me that it is more likely that they will ask Nancy Pazos to retire,” Nancy Duré took a gamble when analyzing that Analía Franchín will take all of January and February on vacation.

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