Cesar Filho celebrates his heir’s birthday with a gift

Cesar Filho surprises his heir – Instagram Reproduction

This Thursday (07), Luigi Cesar, son of Elaine Mickely It is Cesar Filho, turned 20 and spent the day being pampered by his family. But the biggest surprise came from big daddy, who gave a gift to the heir.

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On his official Instagram profile, Cesar Filho made a point of publishing a video of the moment he presented the birthday boy with four captive chairs at the Morumbi Stadium so he could support the São Paulo team.

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Before giving the gift, he told a little story about his life. “When I was a child, around 12 or 13 years old, I had a big dream in my life and it took me a long time to realize that dream, but a long time. I achieved it, among so many dreams that I had been nurturing. There were dreams that I nurtured and then conquered before. And I have been fed this since I was a child and it took me a while to conquer”, began the presenter.

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He followed through with the surprise. “After conquering, after experiencing this dream, I think the time has come for me to transfer this dream to a very special person. And that special person is my son. So, as it’s his birthday today, he’s turning 20, I prepared it here. In that envelope is a dream of mine, which I stored for a long time, and today I give it to you”, he added.

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Afterwards, he leaves the birthday boy emotional. “As of today, you are the owner of captive seats in Morumbi. From now on, Morumbi’s captive chairs will bear his name.” Upon opening the envelope and seeing the gift, Luigi was very happy. “How awesome! I loved it!”, celebrated the birthday boy.

Check out the video:

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