Champions: The physical change of the “beast” Brahim and a celebration for board games: “It has nothing to do with it” | Champions League 2023

See? It’s easy. After each goal, and there are already seven this season, Brahim Diaz (Mlaga, 1999) approaches the stands, stops, and instead of raising his arms in a cross like his friend Jude Bellingham, raises his forearms with his palms facing upwards and makes a gesture with his face, as if to say that what he has just done is not that big of a deal. And for him, it is not. It’s like telling people that: ‘See? It’s easy,’ explained the Andalusian in Valdebebas when he began with a celebration that is already viral. Tonight in Leipzig and in the place of the injured Bellingham, the former Malaga and the Manchester City try to repeat his gesture.

It is a celebration that has started this year but that comes from afar, from the eternal afternoons sitting at home with his four sisters playing board games, where he was already the most competitive in the house. For the family Abdelkader-Daz, the last few years have been a rollercoaster of emotions. Almost the last decade.

In Valdebebas they still remember the presentation of malagueo in the Bernabu a cold January 2019. There were his parents, Sufiel and Patriciaand the four little sisters Zaira, Idaira, Dunia and Irina, who more than once suffered in their flesh the celebration that Spanish football now observes.

Estirn in San Siro

And perhaps because of that presentation, in which the midfielder was 19 years old and had a fine body yet to develop, in the white team’s sports city. Brahim’s physique has drawn attention this course, already since the preseason in the capital and in the United States. He is like a beast, they admit from the Madrid locker room.

Brahim has gained in lower body, muscle mass and volume in the upper body, both in the abdomen and in the back and arms. It is the result of the work that he has been doing since his time in Manchester, but especially during his last season in Milan, where the tradition of extreme physical work In the clubs it was perfect for him to gain strength and muscle. At San Siro, little Brahim hit the Stirn.

‘Brahino’ for the locker room

He has always wanted to gain muscle. Being a player who is stopped with his body, he understands that he needs to protect himself physically, summarized in the Madrid sports city. And you can see it. So much so that in the locker room those who shared space with him before leaving for Milan still do not believe his physical condition: It has nothing to do with it, they say. Roadrunner, beast or wizard are some of the nicknames they use with him, although the main one remains the simple Brahino.

Curiously, Brahim’s season has depended directly on one of the first people he has dinner with in Madrid this summer. Madrid brought the Andalusian together at a table with Bellingham and Arda Gler to make pia during the preseason and it turned out well, because the English and the Malagueo, who speaks English from his time in Manchesterthey understand each other perfectly from day one.

Waiting for Spain

Of course, the vast majority of Brahim’s minutes have come with injuries or rest from Bellingham. He has a problem, and that is that Jude is in his position., Ancelotti admitted in the fall. Brahim took advantage of the physical problems of Vinicius to find a place in the eleven during some games, but the return of the Brazilian and the confidence of the Italian coach in Rodrygo They have relegated him to the bench. Even so, Ancelotti’s words towards Malaga are not the same as those he used last year.

12 months ago, when there were rumors about his return, not everyone in Valdebebas was clear that Brahim could be as important as he is this year. And we return to the physical. They remembered him as lighter, less powerful in duels. But not anymore. He has improved physically and also tacticallyit’s much better, Ancelotti praised him.

On the horizon, the next call for the national team. You can choose between Spain and Moroccobut he will not hesitate before a call from Luis de la Fuente.

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