Charlotte Caniggia said without filters what she truly thinks about Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroa

Charlotte said what few dare in LAM.

True to his style without filters, Charlotte Caniggia gave a note to THE M in which he said what he truly thinks of the romance of Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroa.

“The day you did your monologue analyzing all the Bailando participants, I liked that you said: ‘You have to love Milett because she’s your girlfriend, Marcelo.’”he commented Angel de Brito to the contest participant.

Without hesitation, Charlotte responded: “And if. I think everyone thinks the same.”

“They don’t want Milett. They say she is an odd couple. Half armed. She gives me fake. They are rare”.

“Did you have contact with her? Did you ever talk?”, the LAM driver asked. And Caniggia went all out: “Yes, say ‘hello, how are you doing?’. She seems cool, but from what people on the street tell me, they don’t like her very much. They tell me ‘I loved what you said. I think the same'”.

“Most people don’t like Milett. They say it’s an odd couple. Half armed. It makes me feel fake. They are rare“said Charlotte Caniggia, thoroughly and without believing in the romance of Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroa.


Marcelo Tinelli told to Show Partners how in love he is with Milett Figueroa: “It was not something sought, I met a beautiful woman and marvelous”.

“I feel like I know her from another life, the truth is that I do.”“I am very hooked, very in love with her, I fall in love with everything about her.”confessed the driver.

Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroa (Movilpress)

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