Chen Fangyu refutes the secret affair with Keanna, saying she has an apology recording: The hypocritical sweetheart said she needs someone to deal with me – Mirror Weekly GRACIAAFRIKA NEWS

  1. Chen Fangyu refutes the secret affair and Keanna says she has an apology recording in her hand: The hypocritical sweetheart said she wanted to find someone to deal with meKagami Weekly
  2. Xie Hexian was bitter about remembering the wrong person for his ex-wife! Public bed war with “not Chen Fangyu”Yahoo News
  3. Xie Hexian revealed that he had sex with AV actress Fei Ni!She revealed her “ideal man” 2 years ago and hit all the buttonsEntertainment news
  4. Xie Hexian denied that he secretly had sex with Kimberly, and his ex-wife accused him of cheating on him during their marriage. He was slapped in the face at 3 o’clock: he cried and knelt down to apologize.MSN
  5. Can’t stop it! Xie Hexian started a war with his ex-wife Keanna and Chen Xianni, the wife of the royal family, “beared it for 4 days to speak out” | Free e-newsletter | LINE TODAYLINE TODAY Taiwan

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