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Ethan Ruan plays “Chen Guilin” and becomes famous again. (Photo/Provided by One Attitude Film Co., Ltd.)

The national film “Chou Chu Abandoned Three Evils” received both box office and word-of-mouth success in mainland China, and Ethan Ruan, who plays the protagonist “Chen Guilin”, became famous again. Some eagle-eyed viewers discovered that although actor Chang Hsiao-chuan was listed in the credits at the end of the film, he did not appear in the film. “Why is Chang Hsiao-chuan in the credits?” became a hot search topic.

As of March 24, “The Three Evils” has grossed RMB 640 million (approximately NT$2.7 billion) at the box office in mainland China. Many of the film’s contents have also aroused heated discussions among mainland audiences. The discussion continues to this day and has been repeatedly A new topic appears.

What has aroused the curiosity of mainland netizens recently is “why Chang Hsiao-chuan appears in the thank you list.” In this regard, the mainland media “Entertainment Vane” pointed out that the director of “The Three Evils” Huang Jingfu originally designed Chen Guilin to have a rough and tough guy image, and Zhang Xiaoquan completely conforms to Huang Jingfu’s imagination.

Mainland China media claimed that Zhang Xiaoquan was originally Chen Guilin’s first choice. (Photo/Photo by Hu Zhengchu)

Unfortunately, Chang Hsiao-chuan was injured in an action scene while filming another movie and missed the opportunity to play the lead role of Chen Guilin in “The Three Evils”. However, the crew still listed him in the list of thanks in order to respect Chang Hsiao-chuan’s dedication and professionalism.

In addition, although Ethan Ruan has reached the peak of his career with “The Three Evils”, it is reported that he has recently turned down a large number of domestic and overseas dramas. According to “Mirror Weekly”, an insider revealed that Ethan Ruan gave up the opportunity to advance his career to take care of his bedridden mother. Ethan Ruan has also been photographed entering the hospital from time to time recently, even going in and out multiple times in one day or arriving at the hospital in the middle of the night.

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