Chiche Gelblung returned to hosting the news program after his health problems

The return of Chiche Gelblung (Crónica TV)

Under applause from the entire studio, after 22 minutes of 6 p.m., Chiche Gelblung returned to the Crónica TV screen in the midst of extensive coverage due to the assumption of Javier Milei as the new president, following each of the instances of the different protocol issues that arose throughout the day.

The classic plates of the news channel began to appear, first the one that said “Last Moment”, and then the one “Exclusive” appeared, then the one “First scoop” and a final one that explained what information warranted such a presentation: “Welcome Chiche!”. Thus, the journalist, in a rigorous blue jacket and white shirt, began to greet each one of those present, to accompany him in conducting the segment.

“How are you doing? Thank you, thank you,” he returned the greetings, while one of the columns remarked “what a day to come back, Chiche.” It was there that without wasting time, he highlighted that he had breaking news to share with everyone, and it dealt with an event that had happened to him at a kiosk in the last few hours.

As he explained, still disoriented by what happened: “50 pesos a candy. Now, in a kiosk”. Thus, while some of the panelists stressed that it was an economical price considering that some could exceed 200 pesos, others tried to find out what type of candy he was talking about. “A candy for 50 pesos, a common candy,” he continued, appearing amazed by what he had experienced.

Then the time would come when they asked him how much they cost in his school days, to which he would detail: “They had no price, they gave it to you as change.” After that, I would remember that not long ago, some of the reports on their television programs detailed what you could do for an entire day with 100 pesos. “50 pesos is delirious. It is not a kiosk that does not exist, it is a chain kiosk, it is the price of the kiosk, how barbaric!”, he closed his words.

After that, the time would come to debate among those present about the dispersion of prices that is being experienced, to which the prominent communicator explained: “It is quite a symbol, a candy at 50 pesos,” and then continue with home one of the instances of what was being experienced with the swearing in of the different ministers.

In exclusive talk with Teleshow, Facundo Pedrininews director of TV Chronicledetailed: “He has a program on Saturdays on Channel 9, and he came back yesterday and did well,” in relation to the program. 70-20 Today who has been in charge of that channel for a month. Thus, after 6 p.m. he was present this Sunday on the channel, for just under two hours, until 8 p.m.

It’s okay, it’s going to come back gradually. It is very well surrounded, which is very important.. The idea is that it is from least to greatest, always,” Pedrini would explain about the next steps of Gelblung, who attended the channel accompanied by his wife, Cristina Seoane. However, the channel manager clarified that starting tomorrow the driver would be in charge of his cycle for the three hours, as he usually does, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Chiche Gelblung First Words Since His Hospitalization

After being hospitalized for more than five days in the Mater Dei Sanatorium, the medical board decided that Chiche return home. A few weeks ago, he had told his coworkers that he felt weak and very tired. From then on he was admitted to undergo a series of studies that showed very altered values. It is worth remembering that the journalist has been suffering from kidney failure for some time.

Now recovered, the driver, who despite the recommendations of specialists wants to remain in contact with his work, went on air on Radio Del Plata. In his voice there was good spirit and joy at being in his home again. “I’m at home. They lowered some values ​​that should not have lowered and I didn’t give a damn“Gelblung said on December 4 to explain what had happened to him.

Thus, continuing with the medical recommendations that force him to rest, the journalist spoke from his home and gave details of his health and the meeting with the then president-elect Javier Milei. In this regard, Gelblung said: “It was surprising because it was not planned. And he stayed for an hour or so chatting.” At the same time he maintained that they had been at enmity but that beyond that the politician visited him and accompanied him for more than an hour.

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