“Chuzi” Prada celebrates her birthday with a cake count

The journalist, Maria Jesus Prada He celebrates his 31 years this Saturday, with a very emotional publication, in which he showed his growth.

This girl has already blown out candles on 31 cakes“was the caption of the publication on social networks, where he shared photos of his childhood.

In one, she appears with several children playing with the sand on the beach, in others, during her birthday parties when she was a little girl.

Her friends and followers filled the publication with nice comments, to celebrate the life of a woman who has won their hearts for his humility, charisma and way of being.

“Since I was a child, I could see your light, Chuzita. May you enjoy your day and many more years to come, to continue brightening the lives of so many people who love you”, “God bless you Chuzi and there will be many more”, “very happy birthday and many blessings for you and your baby and husband, may you have many more years to come”, say some of the comments.

Her husband, the Spanish Enrique Martin, also dedicated some Instagram stories to her. They got married last January and are expecting their first baby, who will be born in two months.

“Today is the birthday of the most special person in my life. Congratulations Chuza. To the best cat mom and the best mom,” she wrote along with several photos of both of them.

María Jesús is one of the daughters of Paula Picado, daughter of Olga Cozza, the owner of Channel 7. She is one of those in charge of Teletica.com and has stood out for her work in the company.

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