Citizen Movement redoubles its campaign against the Front while searching for a new candidate | Mexican elections 2024

Citizen Movement is not going to get out of the presidential race. After a meeting of the senior staff, the orange party has decided to redouble its campaign against the Frente Amplio and take advantage of the pull left by the short fuse of Samuel García as a candidate for the 2024 elections. The emecistas have already begun to consider new names for replace the governor of Nuevo León. None has been officially confirmed yet, but that of García’s pre-campaign head, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, those of senators Patricia Mercado and Juan Zepeda, or even that of the national coordinator, Dante Delgado, are repeated. For now, the only thing that is certain is that the party plans to continue fighting: “If you think we are going to hang up our tennis shoes, you are wrong, today we have them on more than ever,” Delgado said this Monday.

The political board of Movimiento Ciudadano collapsed last Friday a few minutes before 12 midnight. Samuel García announced that he was renouncing the license that the Congress of Nuevo León had given him and returning to the governorship after the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) endorsed the interim governor that the opposition had elected during the six months that he was going to be out. García preferred to let go of the presidential race, where some polls had already given him, with just a few days of campaigning, second place, rather than have Deputy Attorney General Luis Enrique Orozco, very close to the PRI, sit in his chair at the Government Palace.

The Supreme Court ruling not only broke García’s aspirations to become the youngest president in the history of Mexico, but also left Movimiento Ciudadano without a candidate, with the clock ticking. The Constitution requires separation from public office six months before to run for elections. Due to this rule, strong figures from the party such as Enrique Alfaro, governor of Jalisco, or Luis Donaldo Colosio, mayor of Monterrey, were left out. MC had to find a plan B.

After a chaotic weekend, in which Nuevo León had two governors and the Citizen Movement zero candidates, this Monday calm has returned for the orange party. On the one hand, Congress has approved the resignation of interim Luis Enrique Orozco and the return of Samuel García. With that simple vote, García, eliminated from the presidential fight, remains in his position as governor again. On the other hand, the party has firmly announced that they will have their own candidate for the June 2 elections.

To rearm itself, the party has called its heavyweights to a meeting. His first reaction was to reject the outstretched hand of Xóchitl Gálvez. The Front candidate had said this morning that she was willing to sit down and talk with MC to confront Morena: “I will always be open to dialogue with whoever we have to talk to, if what it is about is solving the serious problems that our country has.” “I would say that surely Dante and I think the same, that the great cancer that Mexico has is Morena,” the candidate added about the national coordinator of the Citizen Movement.

His words have been met with rejection from the other side. In a harsh press conference, Delgado attacked the PRI and the PAN for lowering the candidacy of Samuel García: “The PRIAN believed that by removing Samuel they would have a clear path, but what they have not understood is that the only What they achieved was to consolidate themselves as the most hated parties, with the greatest rejection and that have done the most damage to Mexico. Very soon they will know what it means to mess with the Citizen Movement.” The oranges have made the opposition their target: “PRI and PAN carry out the dirtiest politics in the country, we are going to defeat them in 2024.”

The party interprets the good expectations generated by the governor of Nuevo León in his brief pre-campaign as a sign that they have “what it takes to win the presidency.” “Let the old politics tremble because there is a project for the future, we are in second place and we will continue to grow, they will not be able to stop this movement,” said Delgado. The party will define on January 20 who will be the figure in charge of fighting that battle.

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