Claudia Sheinbaum will visit Sonora: Meeting with residents of Guaymas and Navojoa – Hermosillo Hoy

Morena’s candidate plans to visit Sonora on December 13, with meetings scheduled in Guaymas and Navojoa.

HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- Morena’s pre-candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, will visit Sonora next December 13and will have a meeting with the residents of Guaymas and Navojoa, announced the state coordinator of the candidate for the presidency of Mexico.

Heriberto Aguilar Castillo highlighted that the municipality of Guaymas It is the only district capital that the pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republic for the alliance Together We Continue Making History, has not visitedand as part of his itinerary through the South of the State, also will be in Navojoa.

In this process of Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum’s pre-campaign, she continues to have meetings with the people, where she makes known her approach to the continuity of the Fourth Transformation, but, in addition, she reflects the feelings of the people, of the people.

Tell them that we are going to have an extraordinary, first-class event,” he added, “as has been the reception in Sonora, of appreciation, affection, recognition and trust from the person who represents the next president of the Republic, from the Together We Continue Doing alliance. History”.

Construction of a Government plan

The candidate for the Senate in 2024 highlighted that last Sunday, Sheinbaum Pardo summoned academics, intellectuals and figures of public opinion, to talk about transformationin an inclusive, plural and democratic way.

He stressed that the main objective of this is the construction of a Government plan 2024-2030which will allow us to continue with Mexico’s desire for justice, equality, laws and without corruption.

This training has to do with desires for the continuity of the Fourth Transformation, in continuing to deepen the rights of the people,” he noted.

Aguilar Castillo mentioned that even details are not known about the arrival of the former head of Government of Mexico City to Sonora, as well as the program of her presentations and meetings, but information will be available in the middle of the week.

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