Conavi and MECO will begin works for ₡1,800 million for 3 bridges in Talamanca

The structures are located on national route 256, in Talamanca de Limón. Lanamme/For illustrative purposes

The National Road Council (Conavi) announced that next Thursday, February 15, the start order for the construction of 3 bridges over the national route in TalamancaLimón, by the company Constructora MECO SA

According to the Integrated Public Procurement System (Sicop), the amount of the contract amounts to ₡1.8 billion. The structures are located on the Hotel ravine, the Pan Dulce ravine and the Sin Nombre ravine, in the national route 256 located in the canton of Talamanca.

This route is key for the movement of tourists to the Southern Caribbean, as it connects towns such as Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Punta Uva and Manzanillo.

Conavi and MOPT announced the start order, despite the fact that in the Integrated Public Procurement System (Sicop) The endorsement of the contract has not yet been confirmed by the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR).

In itselfSeptember 2023the controlling entity rejected the endorsement alleging inconsistencies in an adjustment made by the Administration in the offer submitted by the contractor and that the deadline for the payment of invoices for the works exceeded the deadline by 15 days established by law, among other aspects.

Conavi awarded the works to said company on June 8, 2023. The project was put out to tender on September 14, 2022 and was one of the main pending promises that the Chaves Robles Administration (2022-2026) maintains with the province of Limón.

The bridges would be located on a key route for communities and tourism activities in the Southern Caribbean.

The other 2 companies that offered in the process were Prefa and Codocsa Bridgebut according to Conavi’s analysis they did not comply with what was required.

“The existing bridges or structures They’re in disrepair. In addition, they are narrow, have no sidewalks and visibility is reduced. Putting users at risk. The Conavi Roads and Bridges Contracting Managementhas actively participated in the formulation of the project, definition of the object of the contract, preparation and supply of quantities of the complementary works and preparation of the requirements document for this tender,” the council explained in the justification presented to Sicop.

The endorsement of the contract does not yet appear in the file published in Sicop. Screenshot/Sicop

The plans for the 3 bridges were supplied by the MOPT Bridges Directorate.

According to the tender file, the contract will be valid for 8 months once the start order is turned.

There are narrow bridges in poor condition at the site. The new structures will be 2 lanes. It will consist of single-span slab-beam type bridges supported on two pedestal-type bastions on piles.

In the transverse direction of the bridge, the section of the bridge roadway has a total width of 10.60 meters (m) and is configured as follows:

  • 2 lanes, each 3.65 m wide.
  • 2 rigid barriers, each 0.45 m wide.
  • 2 pedestrian sidewalks of 1.20 m free width each.
  • 2 pedestrian railings.

On the other hand, the cross section of the board is composed of a concrete slab of variable thickness ranging from 17 centimeters (cm) at the ends to 22 cm in the center of the element.

The slab works in composite section with 8 steel beams of section W27x94 spaced 130 cm from each other.

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