Congress approves pension law

The Plenary Session of the Congress of Deputies has approved and sent to the Senate the bill to promote employment pension plans with support frome Citizens, PNV and PDeCAT and the abstention of EH-Bildu. For their part, the PP, Vox, Esquerra Republicana, the CUP and Más País-Equo have voted against.

An error by the PSOE, which has voted in favor of an amendment proposed by Podemos, has led to its revocationthe rise of quotes.

In the press conference after the approval of the measure, the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, seemed surprised“by the number of votes against.” “There are parties that supported these measures in the Toledo Pact and that when push comes to shove prefer to erode the Government.” However, he considers that “the assessment could not be more positive.” “It is a law that is going to be very effective.”

The next step, as expressed by the minister, is “to take to social agents the measure that wants to recover people’s effective returns while maintaining proportionality with the pension received.”

Given the position of Unidas Podemos, Escrivá has assured that “we are part of the same Government.” “Of course we will agree on what is needed within the Executive and we will take it to the social agents,” he added.

Congress has modified the exemption scheme provided for in the project

The bill leaves Congress with a new reduction in corporate tax so that companies can deduct your full quota up to 10% of the contributions they make in favor of their workers with salaries of less than 27,000 euros gross. From that figure, the deduction will be on the proportional part of the contributions that correspond to a gross remuneration of that limit.

Likewise, Congress has modified the exemption scheme provided for in the project that reached the Cortes Generales to scrutinize all contributions to pension plans, and convert discounts into reductions in order for them to form part of the transfer to Security. Social in the General State Budgets.

On the other hand, the project will include a provision to exempt from tax on financial transactionsknown as the ‘Tobin Rate’, the purchases of shares by employment pension plans and social security mutual societies or non-profit voluntary social security entities (EPSV).

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