Controversy over Dillom’s reversal of the song “Mr. Cobranza” in Cosquín | The letter pointed to Caputo and a lawyer filed a complaint

Cosquín Rock 2024 It was an exquisite corpse of artistic manifestations with tones of protest in the midst of a difficult economic and cultural situation. In the midst of rampant inflation, reduced salaries, and cuts in state programs, different key actors in the country’s music decided to speak out on stage to question the ultra-liberal model that has been in force in recent months. Divided, Lali Esposito, Babasónico and Dillom were some of those who, in one way or another, expressed themselves about the direction towards which the government of Javier Milei runs the country.

One of the presentations that generated the most noise at the national level was the one performed by rapper Dillomwhere after reviewing the best of his musical repertoire, performed a reversal of the social protest hit “Sr. Cobranza”, by Las Manos de Filippi, popularized by Bersuit Vergarabat. The young singer, instead of singing the forceful and historic phrase “Norma Plá has to kill Cavallo,” ferociously intoned ““They have to kill Caputo in the square.” in front of a crowd, in reference to Minister of Economy Luis “Toto” Caputo.

At the end of the show, Dillom left the stage with applause and ovations. Meanwhile, on social networks his name became a trend, since Clippings of videos from the moment of his version of “Sr. Cobranza” did not stop circulating. The comments, for the most part, were celebratory, but it also received strong criticism.

This Monday it emerged that the lawyer Jorge Monastersky wrote a complaint against the 23-year-old rapper, Dylan León Masa, for “incitement to violence and aggravated threat“. It was written in title staff“, without representation of any particular client, the lawyer explained to Page|12.

The complaint was sent by email, but since it is a Carnival holiday, will be drawn “on business days during Court hours, that is to say, on Wednesday”he indicated.

In the document, to which this media had access, he accuses the rapper of singing the phrase “They have to kill Caputo in the square” before “a crowd of more than 45,000 live, added to the millions who watch it on TV, platforms and radios“.

“The statements of the accused are extremely serious. We cannot continue normalizing abnormality. Freedom of expression has limits and they are clear“, the law, the illegality, the type of criminal offense that I understand was established and must be investigated by the judiciary,” the lawyer maintains in his writing.

The complaint filed against Dillom by lawyer Jorge Monastersky. (Image: courtesy Jorge Monastersky)

“It would seem from various sayings that with crystal clarity incite violence, they would be seeking an individual to attack the life of a public official“, in relation to the Minister of Economy.

“I made a presentation about this person’s statements, beyond the fact that he was singing, so that he could be investigated for the crime of incitement to violence and aggravated threats, a crime registered in article 212 of the Penal Code, which establishes prison of 3 to 6 years who publicly incites collective violence against a group of people or institutions for the sole reason of incitement,” he determined this afternoon in radio statements.

At the moment, the author of the album Post Mortem He did not comment publicly on the matter. On the other hand, the president did Javier Mileithat “liked” a post from X (former Twitter) by journalist Eduardo Feinmann what does it say: “Very good!! It doesn’t have to be free to instigate the killing of the economy minister“Ironically, the rest of the posts that are liked by the national leader, or even republican, are grievances and incitements of hatred towards any other opposition figure, be it an artist or political leader.

Liberals against freedom of expression: they denounced Dillom for his reversal of “Mr. Cobranza.” (Image: Instagram/@rip.dillom)

Meanwhile, the former presidential candidate for Unión por la Patria and social leader, Juan Graboishe said from his networks: “You have to be an idiot to denounce a protest song. To top, your government offers jail or bullet, your militants threaten with bombs and shots, your vigilantes hang or exile… Without a hint of joke. This kid is singing. There is no credibility, firmness, seriousness or entity. Neither objective nor subjective circumstances exist. Does not typify Go back to school, Jorge Monastersky.”

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