Controversy over Morena’s attempt to shield López Obrador’s reforms

The National Regeneration Movement (Morena) seeks to protect in the Chamber of Deputies the reforms presented by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The government party wants to advance a proposal in the Justice Commission so that with the support of four of the 11 ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) a contested reform can be declared valid and unassailable. The president’s move comes after the highest court of justice struck down several of his legislative proposals, such as the electoral reform or more recently the Electrical Industry Law. It is also an attack on the treatment of the 20 initiatives that he presented last week in Congress. The opposition, who consider this to be an attack on the Constitution, maintains that the attempt will not succeed because Morena has not obtained the approval of the president of the commission to address the issue. At the moment, the session to discuss the matter is scheduled for next Thursday morning.

Monday afternoon came with a bang on the table. Morena called the Justice Commission to meet on February 15 to carry out a proposal from deputy Juan Ramiro Robledo. Currently, the vote of eight ministers of the Plenary Court is needed to declare a reform unconstitutional. When that number is not reached, the law remains in force but can be challenged in an amparo trial. Then the matter is discussed again. Morena’s initiative now seeks to change those rules. The president’s party wants it to be determined that, when a majority of eight votes is not reached – that is, it has the support of four ministers -, the reform be declared valid and untouchable, because no trial or appeal against it can be admitted. she.

The controversy over this measure has increased because, since it is a legal reform—and not a constitutional one—they only need a simple majority to approve it, something they have in both legislative chambers. However, opposition leaders have assured that they will file a controversy in the Supreme Court because it is an initiative with “constitutional features.”

PAN deputy Felipe Fernando Macías, president of the Justice Commission, has also claimed that the issue was called to discuss Thursday without his approval. “Morena, PT and Verde, via their secretaries, intend to convene the Justice Commission illegally,” he said in a video broadcast on social networks. This, according to the opposition, would be enough to overthrow the reform in Court. The document presented by the ruling alliance has justified the call under the idea that the president of the body fell into “omission” by not calling a session.

The initiative stands as a response to what happened at the end of January, when the Court buried the reform of López Obrador’s Electrical Industry Law. That reform reached the highest court, where only seven ministers voted to declare it unconstitutional. Then it remained in force again, until a group of companies filed an amparo lawsuit. Then one of the chambers agreed with them, canceling a section of the legislation.

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