Cosquín Rock, the festival that is not afraid of the crisis | The second date brought together more than 45 thousand people

After slipping out of focus for a few editions, the rain returned to be the protagonist in Cosquín Rock. He Sunday, almost parallel to the opening of the doors (at 2:30 p.m.), the Cordoba sky unleashed a little of its fury. Enough to cause problems in the schedules, to such an extent that the shows on some stages were delayed several minutes. As soon as it cleared, the sun came out again, but with greater ferocity. That was why, on the muddy ground, part of the audience brought out anything to cover themselves or fan themselves with. Right at that moment, the pioneer of Argentine trap, Neo Pisteawas presented in the North Stage. Although he had been flaunting his rock reinvention, since the publication of his album Nea (which caused him to put together a band), this time he returned to his sound and performance roots: he performed accompanied by a DJ.

The previous day, Argentine trap established a turning point in the festival and in its own generation. If anyone doubted his ability to transgress or his exhaustion, after all these intense years, Dillom took it upon himself to put things in his place. Quite an act of bravery, the most punk thing in recent months. Even Andrés Calamaro, who was criticized for confessing that he would vote for the current Argentine president, came out to support the figure of the Rip Gang collective. “Dillom is the best current artist and he is a better person,” wrote the singer-songwriter on the social network X. “He is hip hop and rock […] You have to say what you want without thinking, let whatever come out.” Although urban music was the protagonist on the second day, its leaders did not lower any type of political line on this occasion. But that did not diminish the expectations that there were about his performances.

On the North Stage, backed by a trio, Milo J He made evident once again his status as a new bastion of that movement: he is 17 years old and has an outboard capacity for musical and generational reflection. And also had Soledad Pastorutti as a guest to do “When no one names you anymore”, a classic by Horacio Guarany. A while later, in Boomerang Stagemore components of the Rip Gang.: it started Odd Mommyflirting with indie and pop, and was followed by MC Youngdeadwho shared his set with his colleague and crewmate Ill Quentin. Again on the North Stage, YSY A He showed his vein oriented towards electronic music and hyperpop. He had been asking for a chance to consummate it for a while, like a good revolutionary of the scene, but he was only able to expand on his new album, The after of the afterto which he dedicated a good part of his recital.

Cyrus and the Persians were the most popular. Photo: Telam.

This Cosquín Rock also meant the return of Duki. On this occasion, he took to the North Stage as headliner, supported by a relentless band with which he explored the different nuances of a career (built in the key of rock, reggae, trap and dance music) that never stops making history. If before his landing in River he feared the future, it became clear that destiny is in his hands. And if anyone knows about that it is Slash. The viola player appeared at the South Stagelocated at the other end of the Santa María de Punilla airfieldalong with the exquisite vocalist Myles Kennedy (they joined forces since 2011) and a shortlist of musicians (united under the name of The Conspirators) with whom nothing can go wrong. They demonstrated it on Friday in Buenos Aires, at the Movistar Arena, and they ratified it in Córdoba, over the course of an hour and a half.

This project, defender of the roots of heavy metal and hard rock, already has four albums published (the last one is titled 4, and it is from 2022), which they dedicated themselves to reviewing. But there was also space for them to play a couple of Slash songs, like “Back from Cali”, and even a Guns N’ Roses cover: “Don’t Damn Me”. Although it is not the first time that an Anglo-Saxon artist performs (from The Offspring to LP), Cosquín Rock is a festival traditionally oriented towards Argentine rock. While the guitarist offered such a musical ceremony, the flags that in the same place had supported him The Bordo oa The pills of the grandpa They disappeared completely. They had moved to Boomerang Stage to bank The Tipitoswhich had the largest attendance in that space, closely followed by the indie pop group The Tsar.

Of the fifty artists who participated in the second date of the event, the one with the largest quorum was undoubtedly Ciro and the Persians, who delighted the crowd with a large repertoire of classics. That happened on the South Stage, shortly after sunset. At that same time, but in the Mountain Scenario, Catupecu Machu He also revisited his hits riding on those two batteries that are a fundamental part of this return to the ring. Before those led by Fernando Ruiz Díaz, there were The Kuelgue and Stellar, whose show was seasoned by a marriage proposal in the middle of the audience. Later, the people of Mendoza You point it out to me They offered their first evening recital at the festival and Rare Fish They set up the dance floor for the American DJ Steve Aoki (EDM star and compulsive cake thrower on his sets) and Argentina Anita B. Queen.

Las Pelotas is the only band that was in all editions.

Ruiz Díaz appeared again, but on the South Stage. As a guest of The Balls in “The armored eye”, after Pity Fernández (Las Pastillas del Abuelo) did it in “Not so different”. The band’s singer and guitarist, Germán Dafuncchio, was seen uncomfortable during his performance due to sound issues. A rarity, because the festival sounded good, in general. But there will be a chance for revenge: it is still the only band that was in all the Cosquín Rock. The Mexicans Molotov They did not participate so many times, but they still play at home, and they made it evident again on their return to the event. At Bourbon Sweethearts This edition was enough for them to say the same thing. What’s more: they couldn’t believe the number of people who came to see them at La Casita del Blues. The female trio knows how to evangelize through jazz, swing and blues. And the best of all is that he does it with his own repertoire.

If on Saturday the main genre was tropical music, on Sunday the Paraguay Scenario He emphasized reggae in his programming. The Jamaican Don Carlos and the Italian Alboroise were its international figures, while Alika, Mimi Maura and Dancing Mood They served as national ambassadors of the genre. The boss of this last ensemble could also be seen putting his trumpet at the service of Free Ladies, at the closing of the North Stage. At the same time, Pablo Lescano delighted the crowd (more than 45 thousand people attended on the second date, surpassing the previous day’s attendance) with a blast of cumbia: not only villera, but also Amazonian, Colombian and Mexican. Lescano is quite a professor on the subject. This happened while the Bresh party He was waiting his turn to say goodbye to a festival that is not afraid of crises.

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