Create your look for New Year’s Eve according to the meaning of the colors

Sabrina Sato - Ana Hickmann - Deborah Secco/Instagram
Sabrina Sato – Ana Hickmann – Deborah Secco/Instagram

The climate of renewal that invades people at this time of year inspires sophisticated production. To celebrate the New Year’s Eveinvest in pieces in colors corresponding to what you want to attract 2024.

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Check the meaning of the colors:

White – The color white is the most used in end-of-year celebrations. It is believed that it emanates good vibrations, in addition to reflecting a desire for peace and calm for the year that is beginning. Go for a monochromatic look or similar tones, like off white It is silver.

Ana Hickmann/Instagram
Ana Hickmann – White Look/Instagram

Yellow – The joy of this tone attracts good humor and creativity. It is also the color of prosperity, which is why it is recommended for those who want to fatten their piggy banks in the new year. O golden also works as an alternative.

Deborah Secco - Yellow Look/Instagram
Deborah Secco – Yellow Look/Instagram

Green – It is the color of luck and health. Invest in shades of green to attract vigor, balance and lots of energy.

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Eliana - Look Verde/Instagram
Eliana – Look Verde/Instagram

Blue – Blue conveys tranquility and facilitates the power of communication. It also inspires harmony and security, and is therefore ideal for those who want to make plans and dreams come true.

Ticiane Pinheiro - Look Azul/Instagram
Ticiane Pinheiro – Blue Look/Instagram

Orange – Orange represents vitality and is a good choice for those who want to kick things up a notch and start the year with a bang. The tone stimulates optimism, generosity and enthusiasm.

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Sabrina Sato - Orange Look/Instagram
Sabrina Sato – Orange Look/Instagram

Red – A universal symbol of passion, red can be used for anyone who wants to spice up their romantic life.

Eliana - Red Look/Instagram
Eliana – Red Look/Instagram

Pink – The color of romance strengthens relationships and helps attract love to those who have not yet found theirs. It is also the color of self-love and increases self-esteem.

Sabrina Sato - Pink Look/Instagram
Sabrina Sato – Pink Look/Instagram

By Alice Ferraz Comunicação

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