Cristina Pérez confirmed that she is leaving the newscast: “I live it as an opportunity”

Cristina Perez
Cristina Perez

At the time of carrying out the PASO in Argentina, the absence of Cristina Perezcentral figure and renowned presenter of the main newscast of Telefewho did not share the screen with his colleague Rodolfo Barili. This situation was due to compliance with internal regulations established by the media company, by virtue of the journalist’s personal relationship with Luis Petri. Petri, who at that time was serving as a former national deputy representing the province of Mendoza, who was running for the position of Vice President of the Nation. His candidacy was part of the formula led by Patricia Bullrich, under the Together for Change coalition. In this context, and in line with the media’s impartiality policies, Pérez was forced to temporarily withdraw from her role in front of the cameras during the crucial electoral period.

“It is not a request, but rather an internal regulation with which we all agree,” the journalist stated at that moment. “If your partner wins, would you stop being the host of the news program?” was the question that was asked to the communicator at that time, which led to a response that left the door open to other possibilities. : “I would probably do something else on the channel. Another type of program. But that’s not something that worries me either. There is not an option. He is my husband. I love my husband. And it gives me the possibility of changing and I’m not afraid of that. I do many things and, from journalism, we can find many paths.”

Cristina Pérez's message after confirming Luis Petri in the Ministry of Defense
Cristina Pérez’s message after confirming Luis Petri in the Ministry of Defense

Finally, in the last few hours, Cristina Pérez revealed that she is leaving her place on the news, in a talk with Laura DiMarco in the cycle The plot (LN+). When asked how he saw his partner in the role of Minister of Defense, he highlighted: “Well, here with the exception that I have a personal connection with Luis, he is an obsessive person in training himself on the issues, and since he was appointed he has been training deeply in making a work plan. He is an expert in security, so these are not new topics for him.”

Given this, he assured: “Of course here we also have to wait for the Big picturethe big plan. It seems to me that there is a new geopolitical framing of Argentina with the West and that the Defense plans or the Foreign Ministry plans are going to respond to that geopolitical change, which is a volte-face, right? Because we came from allying ourselves with the axis of evil, with autocratic regimes.

Cristina Pérez and Luis Petri got engaged on May 23 in Mendoza (Martín Orozco)
Cristina Pérez and Luis Petri got engaged on May 23 in Mendoza (Martín Orozco)

It was at that moment that she was asked about how she would carry out her role as a communicator taking into account that Petri will not be in a lesser position, and that was when she revealed: “I have done this process, because the question came to me. as a dilemma when they elected him as a pre-candidate for vice president. And I tried to take it as an opportunity, so for me it means trying things that I wouldn’t have been allowed to try before, because the newscast, unlike a personal opinion program that bears my name, seeks other distances. Now We are talking to the channel about a show for me next year.”.

“Are you going to reprofile in some way?” the presenter asked, to which the guest confirmed that “I’m going to reprofile, but this would never have happened there, do you understand me?”. Thus, regarding the next professional challenges, he clarified: “We are still seeing. And of course there are also some special jobs that I’m going to do for the newscast. So I live it as an opportunity and apart from that I have been doing news for 30 or so years.”

Di Marco at that moment returned to the point in question: “Are you going to leave the news, then?”to which Pérez explained that “about the role I have today, yes. I’m working on a show for myself with the channel. This is new, but hey, that’s how it is. It is also time to be reborn,” she closed, taking the words from the title of the book she has just published, in which she delves into the enigmas of Simonetta Vespuccithe woman who inspired The birth of Venus by Botticelli.

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