Crossing of reproaches between PP and PSOE for Abascal’s attack on Sánchez: “We demand explicit condemnation”

“The people will want to hang him by his feet”. In these terms the leader of Vox has referred, Santiago Abascalto Pedro Sánchez during his visit to Argentina for the inauguration of Javier Milei. A frontal attack on the President of the Government that has led PP and PSOE to engage in a new crossing of reproaches in the last few hours.

Thus, while the socialists demand that Alberto Núñez Feijóo condemn Abascal’s words and break the pacts with the extreme right, the ‘popular’ speak of a “attempted victimization” by the PSOE, who is accused of trying to “distract the attention of the Spanish people.”

At first, after the statements of the Vox leader in the Argentine newspaper ‘Clarín’ were revealed, the PSOE wondered if Feijóo shared his words and already warned that “If the PP does not break the agreements with the neo-fascists of Vox, it will be an accomplice“. Socialist sources thus urged the main opposition party to respond “to the seriousness of the statements” by Abascal.

The ‘popular’ ones, however, although They have distanced themselves from Abascal’s wordshave in turn accused the PSOE of carrying out an “attempt at victimization” and of wanting to “involve the PP, in a crude way, in an artificially expanded controversy.”

The PP does not share Abascal’s words but charges against Sánchez

Sources from the PP consulted by laSexta stressed late on Sunday that “opposition can be made to the PSOE without giving Pedro Sánchez media support.” “We do not share the statements of Santiago Abascal“, they transferred.

In this sense, the party accused the PSOE of wanting to “cover up” the debate of the amnesty law in Congress – which starts this Tuesday – and the question of checker to mediate negotiations with Junts.

We will not help the PSOE to distract attention of the Spanish. This week the focus is not on what Vox says but on what the socialists do in Congress. The PSOE will talk about what Vox says. “We will talk about what the PSOE does.”

The PSOE sees the unchecking of the PP as “insufficient”

Socialist sources, in turn, have stated that “to say that statements” such as those of Abascal are not ‘shared’ is “evidently insufficient”. In this way, they have demanded from the PP “the explicit and forceful condemnation of statements that call for violence and are intolerable in a democracy”.

Furthermore, the PSOE demands that Feijóo, whom they describe as “the main architect of the pacts of the Spanish neo-fascists with the PP”, condemn Abascal’s statements and “break your pacts with a political party that day after day places itself on the margins of democracy”.

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