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By the time they retire, the “Three Amigos of Cinema” will ride off into the sunset with their heads held high.
Known as "Three Amigos of Cinema," Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, and Alejandro G. Iñárritu are arguably the most popular Mexican filmmakers in modern Hollywood, maybe even worldwide.
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Throughout their respective careers (which date back decades), each of them has crafted multiple memorable films of outstanding quality, from Cuarón's nail-biting outer space thriller Gravity to Iñárritu's dark and brutal revenge tale, The Revenant. With the release of del Toro's Pinocchioand Iñárritu's Bardo coming ever closer, it's worthwhile to look back at which of these directors' movies have fared best with IMDb users.
Youthful and sexy, Cuarón's fourth film is a drama about two teenage boys and an attractive older woman who embark on a road trip and, on the way, learn a few things about life and themselves.
Y Tu Mamá También (which translates to "and your mom, too") exudes sincerity and rawness. Even though every shot and line was carefully calculated, it has a very improvisational feel, and the ending is a hell of a gut punch. It's no wonder it has an outstanding score of 7.7 on IMDb.
Cuarón's Netflix original drama Roma is a beautiful film, telling the story of a domestic worker helping out a mother of four while her husband is away for an extended period of time.
It's a partly autobiographical movie, where Cuarón managed to powerfully recreate the Mexico City of his childhood using evocative cinematography, enveloping sound design, and the moving performances of his cast. The director also served as the screenwriter, producer, and director of photography, which makes the film deserving of its 7.7 score on IMDb.
Alejandro Iñárritu's Best Picture Oscar winner Birdman is about Riggan Thomson, a fading actor best known for his portrayal of a superhero (the parallels to Michael Keaton, who plays Thomson, seems entirely intentional) attempting to make a rousing comeback by appearing in a Broadway play.
The film is impeccable, as proved by its IMDb score of 7.7. Made to feel like it all happens in a single unbroken shot, it's a non-stop journey about self-doubt and the desperate human need for appreciation and recognition, which you might need to watch twice to fully grasp its confusing narrative and incredibly dense themes.
The premise of Alfonso Cuarón's sci-fi thriller is simple: A brilliant medical engineer on her first Shuttle mission and a veteran astronaut about to retire become lost in space, with no communication to Earth or chance of rescue.
Gravity is a nail-biting testament to the resilience of the human spirit, with a harrowing lead performance by Sandra Bullock and numerous impressive set pieces that are guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat. It's such a convincing movie that a reporter once asked Cuarón what it was like to shoot in outer space, proving how much Gravity deserves its IMDb score of 7.7.
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In a future where humans have lost the ability to procreate, a miraculously pregnant woman appears out of nowhere, and a former activist has to transport her to a safe location. Such is the premise of one of Cuarón's most cerebral films, Children of Men.
With a score of 7.9 on IMDb, the film earns its place among the strongest and most impactful post-apocalyptic films ever made. According to reviewers, it has a haunting tone aided by masterful visuals and directing. It also has a beautifully written script, where hope and action triumph over despair and passivity.
The third film in the Harry Potter franchise, where Harry is haunted by the danger of an escaped convict with a mysterious past, is largely considered the best in the series. Undoubtedly, director Alfonso Cuarón is a huge reason why.
The filmmaker brought darkness and maturity to the narrative that hadn't quite been there in the previous two movies, making Prisoner of Azkaban the turning point that defined the franchise as what we know today. The film has it all: iconic sequences, haunting visuals, gorgeous music, strong performances, and an impressive score of 7.9 on IMDb.
Although Guillermo del Toro's stop-motion rendition of Pinocchio hasn't yet come out, some lucky audiences across film festivals have already been able to watch it. The initial reception has been rather exciting.
As of the time of publication, the movie has an amazing score of 7.9 on IMDb. It appears to be a timeless modern classic with a refreshingly dark tone, an interesting musical element, and an intelligently told story full of nuanced and complex themes, including some surprising anti-war and anti-Fascism messages.
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The Revenant might be one of the 2010s most impressive cinematic achievements. It's the harrowing story of a man looking to get revenge against the team that left him for dead after a bear attack.
This film cemented Emmanuel Lubezki as one of the greatest cinematographers in the business, and furthered director Alejandro Iñárritu's reputation as one of modern cinema's most important directors. His coordination with Lubezki's naturalistic visuals, the actors' brutal performances, and the way he makes the story feel raw and absorbing all prove just how amazing a director he is. So does the movie's IMDb score of 8.0.
The title of Iñárritu's legendary Mexican masterpiece about a car crash that brings together the fate of three stories can be roughly translated to "tough loves." It's an accurate title.
Amores Perros can be compared to similar multiple-perspective movies like Pulp Fiction, but make no mistake: It's a unique film in a league of its own. It's intense and emotionally devastating, full of memorable characters and impactful performances, which have earned it a score of 8.1 on IMDb.
One of the most effective anti-war films ever made, Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth is a compelling story about the stepdaughter of a tyrannical Spanish military officer and how she retreats to a grim but alluring fantasy world guarded by a faun who claims to know her destiny.
The movie is endlessly creative, displaying del Toro's best qualities as a storyteller. It's dark and violent but also touching and tender, with astonishingly good visuals and writing. There's no denying that it's more than deserving of having an IMDb score of 8.2.
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