“Culture has to be independent”

The representative of La Libertad Avanza Lilia Lemoine crossed Lali Espósito this Monday for the message that the singer sent towards the “anti-patriarch” during her recital in Cosquín Rock, after a new back and forth on social networks with Javier Milei.

It all started last Saturday, when the President reposted on his It was an allusion to the message that the former Casi Ángeles had published on August 13, the date on which the result of the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Elections (PASO) was known.

For her part, Lali changed the lyrics of one of her songs in the middle of the show and sang: “If I smoke, if I live, if I drink, that if I live from the State“. In addition, he dedicated one of his songs to the “liars, the stupid, the bad people, those who do not value and the antipatria“.

The controversy did not take long to reach social networks. In this context, Lemoine echoed the singer’s statements and said: “I considered myself an artist too.. I managed to make a living from cosplay for many years. I made suits, I made them with my own hands. I was one of the first nationally and globally to do so. I traveled to more than 15 countries on more than one occasion with my work. I was able to capitalize on it. AND I left that comfortable lifestyle to truly defend the interests of my country”.

Lilia Lemoine crossed Lali Espósito after the harsh message towards the “anti-patriarch” in Cosquín RockLilia Lemoine crossed Lali Espósito after the harsh message towards the “anti-patriarch” in Cosquín Rock

“I know many film and music artists who have used their proximity to politics to be successful in their careers. They have even dedicated themselves to closing the doors to those of us who had no ties to politics,” he continued in an interview. with LN+.

Finally, he completed: “For me, art has to be independent. Culture is independent. And the artist is countercultural. Otherwise you are the king’s jester or part of a cultural Marxist agenda. Culture is alive and people choose it.”

For her part, Milei long ago accused Lali Espósito of having charged large sums of money to hold an event in La Rioja. Without going any further, she used that argument to target last January the governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, who claimed a debt from the national government.

“We don’t keep anyone’s money. So, if you have a problem with how you allocate resources… Say, If you spend money hiring Lali Espósito and then don’t pay the police, it’s not our problem“, he stated.

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