“Cybersecurity accusations are unfounded”

The Chinese embassy in Costa Rica issued an official press release this Thursday in which it points out that the accusations against that Asian nation in matters of security “are unfounded.”

“We oppose the generalization of the concept of national security and the politicization of scientific, technological and economic issues,” says the communication.

The Chinese embassy added that its country combats all forms of cybercrime and that as part of this, in 2020 it launched the “Global Initiative for Data Security” and that they advocate that companies strictly comply with the laws of the countries in which they operate.

He also said that they oppose the use of computer technology to carry out surveillance and collect personal information from people in other countries.

“No country, organization or company has been able to present any evidence to demonstrate that Chinese companies constitute a security threat”says the statement.

The statement from the Chinese embassy came out hours after the president, Rodrigo Chaves Robles, assured that that country “does not have a solid legal regime to prevent espionage.”

Tension between China and Costa Rica has increased since this Administration published a decree in September for the deployment of the 5G network that excludes companies based in countries that have not signed the Budapest Convention, a treaty on cybercrime.

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