Dado Dolabella points out Davi’s alleged harassment of Isabelle on BBB24 and charges Boninho: “fear of expulsion”

Dado Dolabella, Davi Brito and Boninho
Dado Dolabella, Davi Brito and Boninho – Photo: Instagram/Globo

The actor Dolabella DataWanessa Camargo’s boyfriend, used social media this Monday, February 12, to point out alleged harassment committed by David Brito against Isabelle at the BBB24. According to the artist and fellow participant Camarote, director Boninho would still be afraid of expelling the boy from the game.

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Through her Instagram feed, Dado Dolabella shared the video of Davi’s alleged harassment of Isabelle. In the images released by him, the brother approaches his sister, puts his nose against her nose, squeezes her cheeks and then hugs her. In the video, Isa even says: “Oh little brother, don’t squeeze my cheeks“, she said.

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In short, it was clear to see that it was a moment of affection expressed by the boy and that the sister understood the situation in this context. So far, neither Isa nor Davi have been called into the confessional to comment on what happened. But, for Dado, Boninho is ‘fearful’, different from Rodrigo Carelli from ‘A Fazenda’.

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After regional slang comes regional adultery. For much less, Mc Guimê was expelled. What’s up @jbboninho?? @rodrigomcarelli wasn’t afraid to expel the public’s favorite at @afazendarecord. Have you already kicked the bucket??“, Wanessa’s partner wanted to know.

More about the controversy exposed by Dado Dolabella

It is worth noting that, in light of his accusation, Dado began to receive several comments on his posts in an aggressive manner and had to deprive those who could comment on his posts. But, before that, some internet users even questioned:

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Who are you given??? You and Wanessa are equal, you deserve each other“, shot one. “Wanessa is the one who should have left or been expelled! Canceled!“, commented another. “Don’t come too much! You have to look for something to do! So I think lol“, reacted a third. “He’s wrong! Okay, Vanessa! All or almost all of Brazil needs glasses!“, commented another, finally.

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