Daniel Osvaldo and Daniela Ballester started a romance: the detail that revealed the relationship

Daniel Osvaldo and Daniela Ballester started a romance

Hints on social networks, shared stories and a romantic scene that confirmed everything: Daniel Osvaldo started a new romance with Daniela Ballester. While the rain fell on the City of Buenos Aires, both were seen having an exciting moment inside a van. As if that were not enough, hours later they attended the same event.

The news was confirmed by journalist Pilar Smith, who saw them kissing inside the former player’s vehicle. “The romance of the moment: Daniela Ballester in Palermo under the universal flood, kissing with Daniel Osvaldo. I saw them, without glasses but I saw them.”

However, the loving encounter between both figures did not end there. Hours later they went to the same place and a small detail revealed the relationship. Both the journalist and the musician uploaded videos of Enrique Bunbury’s show to their social networks. The images were taken from the same location and, as if that were not enough, when publishing the exciting moment on his networks, Osvaldo added two hearts.

In tune with the new romance of the former soccer player, Jimena Baron launched alongside Karina The Little Princess, Ángela Torres and Emaneroa song with strong hints called: ‘Sinvergüenza’.

The song seems to send a clear message to her ex-partner, Daniel Osvaldo. “I don’t want flowers or bottles of wine anymore. You abandoned me and I will never forget that. Don’t write to me so much, I need a break. You weren’t so attentive when you were with me. Even if you say you changed, you hurt my little heart. And now that I got better, you remembered my love,” he begins by saying the single.

The song talks about the experience of heartbreak and the disappointment caused by a relationship that was not reciprocal, in a spiteful and passionate cumbia, which combines the best of the four artists, fusing female voices with a unique strength to sing from the heart. in the hand.

Daniel Osvaldo Jimena Baron

The story between the singer and the athlete did not have a good outcome, since the trigger would have been that Osvaldo began a relationship with Gianinna Maradona. The daughter of Diez met the former Boca player in 2015 and since then they faced versions of a romance that would have been born behind the back of Barón, then her friend and his partner.

It all started when Daniel Osvaldo and Jimena Barón returned to Argentina when the then forward signed his contract with Boca Juniors. They moved to a house they rented right across from the one Gianinna Maradona owns in an exclusive private neighborhood in Tigre. The women knew each other through Dalma, and the closeness deepened the bond, creating a friendship between them. The singer even went more than once to the box that the Maradonas have in La Bombonera to encourage her partner from there.

Until that moment Osvaldo and Maradona were in charge of denying romance rumors at every opportunity they had. But four years later, in 2019, Rocío Oliva assured that Diego Maradona himself had witnessed his love: he said that they had been “kissing” during his birthday celebration, on October 30 of that year. anus.

Although the relationship with Diego Maradona’s daughter seems to have ended a long time ago, the former soccer player still maintains several photos together on his Instagram profile. The last of them dates back to 2022, a day they shared a trip to Mendoza and they are seen happy riding horses.

The other images that appear in the feed of the musician are of both hugging or kissing. Which could indicate that Osvaldo has not yet forgotten his former love.

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