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If the last few years (and maybe even a decade) in Hollywood have had a theme, it would be the time of the sequels and reboots. Just over the last few months alone we’ve had the highly anticipated (and highly profitable) Hocus Pocus 2, NBC’s new twist on fan-favorite Quantum Leap, and the upcoming reimagined feature-length film take on The Fall Guy, which will star Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. At the end of last week, Deadline made all our late ‘90s stoner dreams come true when they revealed that Dave Chappelle and several other cast members would be reuniting to bring fans Half Baked 2.
Both Dave Chappelle and Rachel True are reprising their roles in Half Baked 2 as the original film’s main couple, Thurgood Jenkins and Mary Jane, respectively. Filling out the ensemble cast for the next installment in the cult classic stoner comedy will be Dexter Darden (Maze Runner), Ramona Young (Never Have I Ever), Moses Storm (Moses Storm: Trash White, Everything’s Trash), Joel Courtney (Super 8, The Kissing Booth) Ash Santos (True Story), and David Koechner (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy).
While he may have left his time in Hollywood behind following the wrap on his 2000s hit Malcolm in the Middle, something was drawing Frankie Muniz to the Half Baked 2 script as the star will appear as a guest alongside comedian Jeff Ross and Harland Williams, the latter of whom was a leading cast member in the original film.
For those who don’t know or may not remember (smoking can have that effect), Half Baked introduced fans to a weed-loving group of pals who found themselves embroiled in the middle of a drug trafficking operation when one of their own ends up in jail after killing a New York City police horse by feeding it junk food. Upon discovering that the pharmaceutical lab where he works manufactures weed, Thurgood (Dave Chappelle) gets the idea to steal and then sell the plant to make bail for their locked-up friend – something that will quickly put the absent-minded crew on the radar of not only the cops, but also a rival drug dealer. The end of the film saw Thurgood (Dave Chappelle) and his anti-marijuana love interest Mary Jane (Rachel True) getting together, something that easily set up a plot for Half Baked 2
While a lot of sequel and reboot announcements will leave us hanging on the details, that’s not the case here as not only were Dave Chappelle, Rachel True, and the rest of the cast of the Michael Tiddes-directed Half Baked 2 announced, but they’ve even gone so far as to hit us with a plotline.
The follow-up feature will tell a story about the next generation of pot-loving pals, Thurgood Jenkins’ son JR (Darden), and his best friends Miles (Storm) and Cori (Young). The trio has just lost their best friend Bruce (Courtney), who sadly passed away from huffing down the most powerful joint in the world, and are trying to raise burial money for their deceased friend. 

Dave Chappelle’s next appearance in Half Baked 2 is great news for fans of the comedic legend as his last scripted feature-length role was back in the 2018 drama, A Star is Born. As of right now, no release date has been set, but the next few years are looking great for fans of classic films receiving follow-up installments as Scream 6 lands in theaters in March 2023 and filming for the Eddie Murphy-led Beverly Hills Cop 4 is well underway.
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