Deolane explains why he disappeared by showing payment of almost R$1 million

Deolane (Photo: Instagram)

The lawyer, digital influencer and former participant of A Fazenda, Deolane Bezerra, made a statement last Wednesday night, December 6th, which left some internet users impressed. In the midst of a report on one of her social networks, the blonde decided to open her heart and explain the reason why she ‘disappeared’ from social networks in the last few days.

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On her official Instagram Stories account, the former peon said that the reason for her ‘disappearance’ from the internet was paying taxes and some debts. Daniele Bezerra, who is the influencer’s sister, is responsible for manipulating Deolane’s expenses. Therefore, the lawyer stated that she would agree with her relative, as she is spending too much.

She states the following: “I’m here, doing some math and I’m going to have to prove Daniele right. My finance, in this case Daniele, has to control me more. I can’t understand how I managed to do this.”, points out the former Fazenda. Afterwards, she also admits that she bought from several designer stores in recent months. The person who decided to react to Deolane’s statement was Daniele herself.

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Through her Stories, the lawyer’s sister showed a bill worth almost R$1 million that Deolane will have to pay. On that occasion, she took the opportunity to write the following: “Man, I can’t disappear for a minute. I’ll just show you your tax payment slips”, said the defense professional. And of course, internet users could not let this moment go unnoticed. They quickly tried to comment on the situation involving the blonde.

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Instagram users made the following observations on the topic: “That must be 1,000 for her hahaha I wish it was like that. I admire her a lot.” ”A tax of one mile has to be for a very high Profit! Success Doctor, you always deserve it.” ”It’s a good thing she pays taxes, right? Now she has other artists who don’t even pay taxes and every Tuesday the officer is at the door lol. Life for some rich people is not easy lol.” Check it out below!

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