Deolane participates in ‘Hora do Faro’ and chooses her suitors in ‘Vai Dar Namoro’

Rodrigo Faro and Deolane (Photo: Record)

This Sunday, December 10th, the lawyer, digital influencer and former A Fazenda, Deolane Bezerraparticipated in the program ‘Faro Time’presented by Rodrigo Faro. In the situation, the blonde opened the doors of her mansion to welcome the commander of the Bispos broadcaster’s attraction. Who was also present alongside the ex-peon was the singer Manu Bahtitude and the MC Daniel.

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+ Deolane says he turned down the offer to participate in ‘Farofa da Gkay’

Initially, Rodrigo showed the main points of the influencer’s house and was surprised by the size of the space. During the conversation with the lawyer, the communications professional pointed out that two artists were ‘trapped’ in two bathrooms of his residence and by ‘freeing’ them, the three would begin their participation in the attraction.

When Deolane, Manu and MC Daniel managed to get together, the former A Fazenda was the protagonist of the picture ‘Go for a date’. Meanwhile, the singer and ex-partner Honey Maia they remained as ‘jurors’ and commentators during the occasion. She received three suitors in her home who tried to win her over by showing their personalities. At the end of the painting, the lawyer did not choose any of the boys. It is worth remembering that the blonde returned to Record after a turbulent stint at A Fazenda. Check out some moments!

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More about Deolane

Recently, as you may have seen here on Vip areathe influencer revealed that Gkay made a fee proposal so that Deolane could participate in ‘Farofa da Gkay’. However, the ex-girlfriend confessed that she would not charge the actress anything, as at some point in her life she might need her.

+ Deolane explains why he disappeared by showing payment of almost R$1 million

Deolane explained: “She tried to pay me to go to ‘Farofa’. She asked me how much my fee was. At the time, I had a blast on Instagram and I said: ‘I’m not going to charge her, she’s a passionate person who, tomorrow, if I need it, will help me’. She wanted to pay me, and I said, ‘No, I’m not going to charge her!”he emphasized.

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