Díaz Ayuso asks Óscar Puente for an urgent meeting after three derailments in 13 days in Atocha

The Government of the Community of Madrid, led by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, returned this Friday to request an emergency meeting with the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, to address the situation of the Madrid Cercanías which, in his opinion, “is deteriorating day by day” and adds three derailments in 13 days.

“There are already three in less than two weeks. What is the Government of Pedro Sánchez waiting for to do something“?” wrote the Madrid Minister of Housing, Transport and Infrastructure, Jorge Rodrigo, in a publication on the social network X.

Train circulation was this Friday partially interrupted from 00:50 hourswhen a Renfe Cercanías train that was traveling between the Airport-Príncipe Pío stations suffered an axle departure from the track at the entrance to the Atocha station, which forced it to circulate on a single track in the Atocha-Recoletos section. .

After the incident, in which there were no injuries, the railway service It was restored by both routes at 6:44 a.m. after the partial repair of the damaged infrastructure, which allowed the recovery of the usual service on Cercanías and on the medium and long distance trains that circulate on this section, Renfe indicated in a note.

Two other incidents

Last Tuesday, after the second derailment on the eve of the beginning of the Constitution Bridgethe Madrid counselor has already claimed a “urgent meeting” with Puente so that measures are taken in order to “guarantee the security” of Cercanías Madrid, whose service, according to Rodrigo, “it is deteriorating day by day“.

That day a train on line C10 from Villalba It left the road at around 2:20 p.m. when it was about to enter Atocha. Although there were no serious injuries, of the 180 passengers who were on the train, five had to be treated for lower back pain and bruises, of which three were transferred to hospitals for evaluation, according to Emergencies Madrid.

The first of the three derailments occurred on November 26. That day, the Recoletos station remained closed after an Intercity train and the Madrid Cercanías service left the track. was provided with delays until the next day.

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