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Halloween movie night doesn’t get any better than browsing the best that Disney Channel has to offer.
Over the years, Disney Channel has aired over 100 original movies, most of which fell under the DCOM umbrella. While these covered all different subjects, Halloween became a central part of many of them. Some films, such as the Halloweentown franchise, have lived on long after officially concluding.
Over the years, movies about witches, vampires, mummies, and more have premiered on the network. Disney Channel even held Monstober, a month dedicated to airing movies centered around monsters, mayhem, and Halloween itself. The network's shows would participate as well, airing special Halloween-themed episodes throughout October. The network's best Halloween fare is still worth watching years later, and IMDb can help fans figure out which are the best.
Though musical franchises like High School Musical and Camp Rock claimed the spotlight the most on Disney Channel, Halloween has always been a core part of their programming. The very first DCOM was 1997's Under Wraps, and the network brought it back to the beginning with a reboot of that very same movie in 2021, and a sequel released September 25, 2022. Over the years, Disney Channel has put out a wide variety of Halloween-themed films, and many of them are still good enough to watch in October today.
A reboot of the 1997 film Under Wraps, the 2021 version follows Gilbert, Marshall, and Amy as they accidentally re-animate a mummy a few days before Halloween. They have to face off against a team of criminals intent on selling the mummy, while also making sure the creature is laid to rest before midnight on Halloween.
Overall, fans of the 1997 original found the 2021 reboot to be a poorer version, with very few successful additions. It isn't a bad movie, but it doesn't do much that wasn't already done in the original. The new film is a decent viewing experience for children, but it doesn't seem like one that adults will rewatch every year.
The fourth installment of the Halloweentown franchise follows Marnie as she adjusts to college in Halloweentown. As usual, evil authority figures are lurking, attempting to use Marnie and the Cromwell family as a way to gain complete control over Halloweentown and return it to its former magical hierarchy.
While the plot is consistent with the franchise and works well for teens who grew up with the series, the replacement of Kimberly J. Brown with Sara Paxton in the role of Marnie is viewed by many fans as unforgivable. Brown has openly commented on the situation, claiming she was available and willing to return to the franchise, but the network still decided to recast her. For those who can look past the recasting, however, it is a decent continuation of the series.
Sister, Sister stars Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley return to Coventry in Twitches Too. While Camryn is excited for a life of royalty, darkness sweeps the Shadowlands. Yet, dreams and feelings suggest that the darkness is not alone, and their father's shadow has latched onto the Shadowlands as well. Once again, placed in a dangerous situation, the twins must decide if they will destroy everything in the Shadowlands or try to save their father.
Fans debate whether this film or its predecessor was better, but most agree that both were solid additions to the Halloween lineup. Twitches Too expanded on the world-building and history of Coventry, which allowed all the characters to shine. It may not be held up as one of Disney Channel's best original movies, but it's certainly a good option for a Halloween double-feature.
Twins Camryn and Alex were separated as infants, only finding out about each other on their 21st birthday (which happens to be Halloween). As they get to know each other, they have to deal with personal traumas as well as their newly-discovered magical powers while getting swept into a war that started before they were even born.
This film relies on the traditional messages of good versus evil, which unfortunately doesn't go terribly deep. In fact, the main conflict of the film ends up being fairly forgettable, especially since it seems so easily defeated. However, the explorations of family, especially for those who were adopted, are surprisingly deep for a Disney Channel movie.
When siblings Adam and Chelsea want to get out of the house, they set their mother, Lynette, up on a date. Believing this will give them the perfect opportunity to go out, they are oblivious to a horrifying truth about their mother's date, Dimitri: he's a vampire.
Years before vampires took over the teen romance genre, they served as good villains for this Halloween classic. The movie is enjoyable, but it lacks some of the depth and show-stopping performances of other Halloween-themed DCOMs.
While Invisible Sister is not a traditional Halloween movie, the holiday serves as an essential backdrop. Cleo's science experiment accidentally results in her sister, Molly, becoming invisible. With a twenty-four-hour time limit, Cleo must determine how to make Molly visible before she is stuck like that forever. Halloween is most useful as Cleo has to pretend to be Molly throughout the day so that Molly can play lacrosse to be noticed by scouts.
This movie mixed the family drama and impersonations from Freaky Friday with the more STEM-focused angle of more recent Disney Channel shows, and it works surprisingly well. Cleo and Molly end up learning a lot more about each other's struggles, and the writing and acting is strong enough to carry that plot.
When Jack and Ellie determine that life would be so much better if they had each other's lives, they unwillingly switch bodies. Now, they must resolve how to fulfill their quests before Sunday at noon. However, it is not so easy, and to complete their quests, Jack and Ellie will learn more about each other and what it takes to heal. To make their own lives better, they had to experience life through someone else's eyes.
Like many Disney Channel movies, The Swap is all about building empathy for people who may be struggling more than you know. While the film doesn't have much of an explicit Halloween vibe, it was introduced as part of Monstober 2016 and is a pretty good option for a light-hearted break between horror movies, especially for a family-friendly Halloween marathon.
While Zombies was technically never meant to be a Halloween movie, coming out in February instead, the creature-feature element made it one of the most popular franchises for the channel to play in October. Set in a world where half of the population of Seabrook was turned into zombies, new technology allows the reintegration of school systems. However, the preppy humans are kept away from the zombie students until a surprise romance forces everyone to re-evaluate their prejudices.
The film falls into the classic DCOM trope of a popular person falling in love with someone from a vastly different social sphere, leading to a new-found tolerance… with musical numbers thrown in for extra fun. For those who enjoy this formula, Zombies will be a fun new addition, perfect for the Halloween season. It may not be as strong as some of the classic Disney Channel films, but it does a good job bringing their themes into the last decade.
Disney fans know the Tower of Terror as a classic park ride, but few know it was actually featured in a Disney Channel movie. Tower of Terror was originally presented as part of The Wonderful World of Disney, a television anthology series that has been running in some form since 1954. The film follows a reporter as he investigates a mysterious elevator death and the ghosts that still haunt the hotel they died in.
The movie is surprisingly interesting, despite having nothing to do with The Twilight Zone, on which the ride itself was based. The plot holds audiences in suspense, with thrills for children and nostalgia for adults. While it isn't going to match up against major movies, it pulls off the cheesy, macabre vibe of a Disney Channel Halloween movie perfectly.
Although both predecessors take place in Halloweentown, the third installment is set primarily in the mortal world. After opening the barrier between the worlds during Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, Marnie wants to take advantage of the newfound ability to cross realms by inviting several Halloweentown students to join mortal high school.
While not as strong as the first two installments, Halloweentown High is still a quality movie. It presents the fun and quirkiness of a Halloween-themed world while also feeling realistic for teenage behavior. The change in villains allowed the franchise to move forward, and the family relationships are as strong as ever.
Their grandfather's passing already saddens Ian and Claire, but things get more complicated when they learn ghosts are real. The siblings make a deal with the ghosts to find their grandfather and get him to cross over, only to see him taken away by town legend, Zachariah Kull.
This is one of the best Disney Channel Halloween movies, but it's seriously underrated. The cast includes Eric Idle, Kat Dennings, Mark Rendall, and Kathy Najimy, and they do an amazing job bringing the story to life. Zachariah Kull is just scary enough to get audiences in the right spirit, while the fun and adventures make it a good time for the whole family.
A few years ago, Marnie found out she was a witch. Now, magic is about to get a lot more complicated. Marnie is happy to join her grandmother on a trip to Halloweentown, but a spell has covered the beloved town. The color, beauty, and magic have been stripped from Halloweentown, and it is up to Marnie to save everyone.
This sequel may not be better than the original, but it's pretty close. The characters all feel a little more developed than they were in the first movie, which makes it that much more enjoyable to watch them fighting to save both Halloweentown and the real world. It's definitely a kid's movie, but that just means it has silly spells and happy endings, which are honestly pretty great.
Under Wraps premiered in October 1997 and is considered to be the first Disney Channel Original Movie. When their creepy neighbor, Mr. Kubat, dies, Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy break into his house to search for a coffin they heard a rumor about. The kids decide to keep the mummy they found in Mr. Kubat's basement and name him Harold. But soon after finding him, the kids discover they must return Harold to his coffin or he will no longer exist.
Under Wraps may have been the first DCOM, but it was also one of the strongest. It has just the right amount of supernatural events to capture the Halloween spirit without making it feel unrealistic. In fact, the friendship between the character is so well-done that it can be easy to forget how silly the plot can get. Under Wraps is a great movie for children and adults, making it a strong choice for the whole family.
Marnie has always considered herself to be different, but until she overhears a conversation between her mother and grandmother, she never suspected how much. Sneaking onto the bus to the eponymous Halloweentown, Marnie and her younger siblings, Dylan and Sophie, undergo a rescue mission to save Halloweentown from a dark warlock that seeks world domination.
In the years since its release, the original Halloweentown has become something of a Disney Channel cult classic. Practically anybody who grew up on the Disney Channel loves it, and it's common for fans to rewatch Halloweentown along with Hocus Pocus each year. This film was many kids' first real introduction to fantasy, and from the script to the actors, it's everything fans could want.
When a child begins to outgrow their imaginary friends, horrifying things can happen. Frances does not believe in the supernatural until she meets Larry, an imaginary friend who can not be seen by her classmates. Before disappearing, Larry tells Frances that the Boogeyman is framing her. Frances has to try to rebuild her belief in the supernatural to stop the Boogeyman from hurting the people she cares about.
Stealing the top spot from Halloweentown, Don't Look Under The Bed offers an edgier take on Halloween and is remembered as one of the scariest Disney Channel Original Movies. That being said, it can also be a lot of fun, with jokes and pranks to keep audiences laughing between frights. This film treated its young audience like they were intelligent and their problems mattered, and that made it the best Halloween movie in Disney Channel history.
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