Donald Tusk is elected as the new Prime Minister of Poland

The leader of the Civic Coalition, Donald Tuskobtained this Monday the support of the majority of the Polish Parliament to head the country’s next Government, as part of a center-right coalition.

The newly appointed prime minister plans to present on Tuesday a government program and a council of ministers that, after passing the vote of confidence in the Lower House, will assume full powers as soon as he takes the oath before the president. Andzej Dudawhich is expected to happen on Wednesday morning.

During the parliamentary session, harsh accusations were made from the Law and Justice bench, the party that has governed the country for the last eight years.

Their leader, Jaroslaw Kacczynskihe snapped at Tusk from the stand, which is a “German agent”while the presidency of the Chamber demanded that their honors maintain “the decorum that a historic day requires.”

For his part, Wlodzimierz Czarzasty, leader of the New Left, which is part of the coalition that will take over the Government, justified his support for Tusk by explaining that “all we were afraid of continuing under an undemocratic government“.

I affirm that Tusk is “the one who knows the European Union best”since he was former president of the European Council (2014-2019), and this will improve the international position of a country mired in several confrontations with Brussels.

In his speech, Tusk promised to “return to the Poles what belongs to them: democracy”and pointed out former president Lech Walesa, present in the chamber, when remembering how together “we prepared one of the solidarity demonstrations near the shipyard (of Gdansk) and we understood that politics can be a beautiful vocation.”

The change in the Polish Government predicts a new direction in Warsaw’s international relations, with greater rapprochement with its European partners and greater harmony with the great Western democracies, while at the same time a liberal economic program will be implemented and a policy will be put into practice. social in favor of minorities.

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