Double eliminations, special farms, tests and washing dirty laundry promise to shake up the final stretch of ‘A Fazenda 15’

Adriane Galisteu
Adriane Galisteu (Disclosure/Record TV)

The grand final of The Farm 15 is close, but until then, there will still be a lot of fire in the hay in Itapecerica. Double eliminations, surprises, a special field, twists, special tests, washing dirty laundry and the long-awaited party with the return of all the season’s participants promise to shake up the final stretch of the rural reality show.

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Check out the schedule until the grand final:

Monday (11/12) – 10 pawns in the game – Last Fire Trial of the season and an activity among the confined;

Tuesday (12/12) – Formation of the field with 5 participants and 2 will be vetoed from the Farmer’s Test;

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Wednesday (13/12) – Last Farmer’s Test and voting will be open between 4 farmers, 2 will be eliminated;

Thursday (14/12) – Double elimination between the 4 farmhands who will be in the field and end of the Farmer position;

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Friday (15/12) – Special Test – The 8 pedestrians who remain in the dispute participate. This event will have as its theme the reality show “The Great Conquest” and will be played in 4 duels defined by draw. The 4 losers will automatically go to a Special Farm. The winners may or may not be tempted to win 30 thousand, but whoever accepts the money goes to Roça and automatically switches places with their opponent who lost the duel. Furthermore, live, the 8 pedestrians will vote to define the 5th farm, among those who are not yet in the special farm. At the end of the program, public voting will open and the two pedestrians least voted to stay will be eliminated the following day.

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Saturday (16/12) – Double elimination between 5 roceiros, there will be 6 pawns in the dispute;

Sunday (17/12) – Coexistence of the 6 pedestrians post-elimination. Repercussions of the last double elimination;

Monday (12/18) – Washing dirty laundry with all the pedestrians of the season, winning prizes. On this day, the 6 pawns that are still in the game automatically fall into a Special Roça, voting will be open for the public to choose 4 of them to be the season’s finalists;

Tuesday (12/19) – The 2 lowest-voted pawns are eliminated and we will define the quartet of finalists;

Wednesday (12/20) – Final Party with the participation of all pedestrians of the season. On this day, voting will be open for the public to choose among the 4 finalists who should win the final prize of the season;

Thursday (12/21) – Grand Final with the participation of all pedestrians of the season. Brazil will choose who will take home the R$1.5 million prize.

Fazenda 15 airs every day: Monday to Friday, from 10:45 pm; Saturday, at 10:30 pm; and on Sundays, at 11pm. Presented by Adriane Galisteu, the reality show is produced by Teleimage, with general direction by Fenando Viudez and direction of the reality center by Rodrigo Carelli.

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