Drunk Suspect Fires Off Rounds near Riverfront Hotel in Richland – newstalk870.am

  Richland Police have specifically not said what prompted the man to fire off the gun, but alcohol is suspected as a motivator.
Richland Police apprehended a male suspect (whose name was not released) Saturday night after calls came in about gunfire.
Officers responded to 50 Comstock St, near the Riverfront Hotel around 8 PM, and found a highly intoxicated man nearby, he was contacted without incident.
During the investigation, officers found a 10MM pistol tucked in his waistband, and a nearby surveillance video showed him firing off multiple rounds into the air while standing in front of the hotel.
Richland Officers found at least 8 spent shell casings in the parking lot, the man was taken to the Benton County jail on multiple charges.
Richland and other law enforcement officers remind people to never fire a weapon up in the air, because bullets that go up, must come back down. And while the velocity is not the same as leaving the gun barrel, falling bullets have been known to injure people.


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