Edu Ribeiro celebrates his wedding anniversary with Kátia Santin: “Happy wheat wedding!”

Edu Ribeiro and Kátia Santin
Edu Ribeiro and Kátia Santin – Photo: Instagram

The journalist Edu Ribeiro used social media, this past Thursday, December 7th, to celebrate with great joy the wheat borders of her wedding with Katia Santin. Still in his publication, the Record employee emphasized his faith and love for his partner.

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Even with faults, absences, disagreements and even heartbreaks… it was God who brought us here. And trusting it is not just a feeling. It’s a decision. Thank you, Father, for building my house. Thank you, love, for serving Him with me. I learn every day about how to honor you more and better. I didn’t see you wake up today. And I almost won’t catch you sleeping on the way back. But it’s on days like this that the Holy Spirit whispers in my ears: this is also love! Happy wedding anniversary! Happy wheat wedding!“, he wrote, sharing memories alongside his wife.

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In the comments of the post, friends and fans reacted: “Congratulations! But… wheat wedding represents how many years?“, commented Márcio Gomes. “Congratulations to newlyweds!!! May God continue to bless this union!!!“, wrote César Filho. “May God always bless your union!“, wished Thalita Oliveira.

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It is worth remembering that wheat wedding is the expression used to celebrate the third year of marriage. In some versions, wheat weddings are also celebrated as leather weddings. According to popular symbolism, wheat represents prosperity, abundance, unity and joy in relationships.

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Still on social media, Kátia celebrated the special date: “December 7th, our day, the day we chose to celebrate this celebration. 3 years, wheat wedding, represents prosperity, abundance, union and joy. May our love always be like this, full and full of unity. I love you, more and more every year, for all eternity. May God guide us and bless us always, because He lives in our home“, she wrote, also publishing photos with her husband.

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